2017-02-24 Meeting notes




  • Get on the same page regarding the deployment of the SSID API
  • Confirm how we are going to handle the storage and usage of the SSID field
  • Review requirements for the "Deployment Checklist" for CDE

Discussion items

SSID to be Downloadable Field




  • Current set up to store the SSID in the Application and the OpenCCC Student Account

  • Direct correlation between the CCCID and the SSID.

  • No agreement with the CDE for the colleges to be download the SSID
  • OK, to keep in the Application DB, but will sit there and not be downloadable for now.

  • Add to Data Dictionary, but list as "restricted" NOT DOWNLOADABLE

  Deployment ChecklistTim 

We need to ensure that the CDE is completely aware of what this API service will look like once it's deployed. Put together a checklist / contract and make sure the Alan Nakahara is copied when we send it out. Include:

  • Pilot and Production release dates
  • Production volume - max volume per hour on our heaviest days (coming up in April so they will be hit with the top level volume right away)
  • Ensure they are prepared to handle that volume on production server on March 31
  • Delay time? How will that affect us? How will it affect them?
  • Errors or blockage in the processing? What could happen?

Patty to work with Josh on finalizing the checklist -

Frank is going to run some numbers on volume per hour

Get the checklist/contract to CDE on Monday or Tueaday next week (2/27 or 2/28).

Action items