2017-09: Develop Alternate Workflow from App Submission to Links & Opps Via MyPath

Request No.2017-09
Date of Request10.10.16
RequesterMyPath Project
Santa Rosa College* 
Application(s)Standard, BOG, & International
Section / Page

Post-Submission Process

Steering ApprovalAPPROVED & IMPLEMENTED 10.21.16
Steering Hearing DateNovember 4, 2016
Proposed Change to Download FileNo
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo


Problem / Issue

With the launch of the new Student Services Portal, MyPath, on October 24, 2016 - Santa Rosa College will be the first college to implement the Portal and launch to students. In the near future, CCCApply will be integrated into MyPath; however, until that integration is complete, students will link out to current version of CCCApply from MyPath, compelte the application and then return to MyPath after the current post-submission process.  

In order to streamline the transition for colleges implementing MyPath, develop one or more workflows for students ending the CCCApply submission process in MyPath:

1) End to end workflow in MyPath:  Students will access the CCCApply application from within the MyPath environment, link out to CCCApply for the complete application process - including post-submission activities, and link back/end up back in MyPath where the college has customized steps and messaging for structured matriculation processes;

2) End workflow in MyPath: Students would start the CCCApply application using the existing process - link on college website; student would complete the application and survey in existing CCCApply system, but upon clicking "Continue" after Survey, the student is linked back to MyPath for a generic, college-branded, mini-workflow that includes Links & Opps on advisor cards and ultimately Sign-Out from MyPath. (Details would have to be worked out relative to what data is transferred to MyPath - if any - and what links are mandatory (AB540, Financial Aid, FAFSA, BOG, Step Forward, UC Transfer info, Selective Service, Register to Vote, etc. - plus a custom advisor car that the college could use to direct the stuent back to their site if desired. 

Both these workflows would include college branding so to keep the student centered in the process. 

Proposed Solution

Patty will work with Mitch Leahy, Santa Rosa, to better understand how they wiill be setting up their Workflow end-poiint messaging (Path #2 above). Using this as a model, create a set of mock-ups to present to Steering to review.  

This redesign would benefit both students and colleges by providing a cleaner, more streamline post-submission process. Colleges would be able to customize the advisor card at the end of the Links (required links) - similar to the Kerm customization path that currently exists. 


SSP team has a to link from college website that takes them to OpenCCC - Create Account - then log them directly into MyPath.
Can allow them to lose their MIS code

Add code to Apply gateway
Grab target url - create a cookie and send them back to the targe URL

- College will be given a link for CCC MyPath. They will put that link on their website. Link will include the MIS code for the college.
- Student clicks the link and they are taken to the Apply gateway page.
- The gateway page stores off the target URL that will include the MIS code
- The gateway app will redirect the user to the IDP Login page
- If the user just logs in they will be taken to the target URL.
- If the user goes through the Recover account flow, they will go through the the Recover account flow. At the end, they will be taken into the login page. After logging in, will be redirected back to the gateway
- If the user clicks Create Account, they will be taken to the Create Account flow. After their account has been created, they will be redirected back to the gateway.
- Once the user is on the gateway, the gateway will look up the target URL from the cookie. If the cookie does not exist, they will log into apply. If the target URL cookie does exist, the user will be redirected to the target URL.

Special considerations:
- Be sure that the cookie and the URLs all do URL encoding correctly so that additional parameters are handled correctly.
- Special attention will be required for Recover account to ensure that you go through the gateway after logging in. That will ensure that you still hit the correct final endpoint.
- The current entityId mappings will need to change to point to the gateway app.


  • Draft requirements using Kern Custom Landing page (post-submission workflow) as model for both proposed Workflow paths (especially #2)
  • Work with Santa Rosa on their customizations and determine what is required in terms of mandated Links & Opps
  • What else is recommended for the workflow path?  Title IX survey?
  • Discuss best way to present the student satisfaction survey (keep in existing workflow and when they click continue from there, drop into MyPath for Links end-flow? Or pop-up survey after Confirmation page? Investigate ideas and draft up for Steering review.)
  • Review the MyPath General Development Requirements for additional benefits and features (i.e., Document Gathering Engine, Advanced Rules Engine, list of advisor cards and apps, etc.)
  • Draft proposal for STeering to review at 11/04/16 meeting

Supporting Documentation

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