2017-AA: Add Google Analytics to OpenCCC & CCCApply App Pages

Request No.2017-AA
Date of Request10.01.16
RequesterCCC Tech Center
Application(s)All CCCApply Apps
OpenCCC Account 
Section / Page

All pages

Development StatusComplete
Steering Hearing DateApproved, November 1, 2016
Proposed Change to Download FileNo
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo

Problem / Issue

In order to conduct better research on student usage of CCCApply (and OpenCCC), including data on abandoned applications and specific user activities such as the last page accessed before leaving the application process, or saving & continuing an In-Progress application, we need Google Analytics implemented across all in-progress applications, My Applications, Account creation, recovery and navigation associated with the OpenCCCApply processes.

Proposed Solution

Implement GA across all pages of all applications and OpenCCC Account system. Apply & Account development team will be asked for an estimated velocity and proposed timeline on this project.

Technical Requirements

1Configure GA for all CCCApply Applications: Standard, BOG, International
2Configure GA for OpenCCC Account Creation, Recovery, Proxy

We'll use unique Tracking ID keys for each app in each environment.
Keys should look something like UA-XXXXXXX-Y.  

Please pass along the key you want to use for each env and we'll need to get that salted as we finish each app.

I'd probably just use a single account and then add new properties for each of the sites above.  I think each account can have up to 50 properties (domains), so you should not run into limits there unless you are trying to use a single account for all of the CCC sites.  In that case, you'll have to figure out how you want it structured (eg. using a single property for a top-level domain and then just tagging CI, TEST, Pilot and Prod with different tracker names)

Work with Steering to determine what level of tracking is required (page level, question level, etc.

The scope of this implementation will include page-level tracking, as well as a variety of specific event tracking, including:

  • All Error messages
  • Pop-up Help boxes
  • Session Time-Out
  • Sign In / Sign Out
  • Save / Continue
  • All pop-up modals (SSN Encouragement Language)