2016-42: Develop Mechanism to Pass Proxy-Created CCCID Back to Colleges

Request No.2016-41
Date of Request8.06.16
Application(s)CCC SSO Proxy
Release DateMarch 2017 - Release 6.0


Change to DownloadsNO
Change to LogicNO

CCCFEDID-2037 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Problem / Issue

To support CCC web applications using the SSO Proxy to create OpenCCC accounts, a download or transfer process is needed to return the new Account data fields and CCCID back to the college for upload to their SIS.  

Currently, existing CCC college students who do not have an OpenCCC Account will be presented with the SSO proxy IdP Sign-In page the first time they attempt to login to a secure web application, including CCCAssess, Course Exchange, MyPath, Canvas, and Hobson's Starfish. At that time they will either 1) create an OpenCCC account; 2) sign-in with their existing Account credentials; or 3) recover their existing account to reset their username and/or password.  These accounts are being created outside the OpenCCCApply process, which is the Colleges need to know who these students are and want to store their Account data in their SIS systems. 

More understanding is needed to determine exactly what use cases need tthis account data, but multiple colleges have reuested this and the project has been approved by the Tech Center (Lou) and will be managed by Patty Donohue (OpenCCC PM) and Mike Caruso (MyPath PM).  

Proposed Solution

See "Comparison of Options to Share CCCIDs" -developed by Josh Helmer of Unicon. Meeting on 9.09.16 with the ARC team (Lou, John Scanlon, etc) reviewed the options and approved two options moving forward:

Best Long-Term Approach:
Project Glue would provide the best real-time, long term approach for this requirement; however, due to amount of time reqiored to implement a single college with the College Adapter (Project Glue) it would not be feasible to implement the C.A. in the short term. Projects and colleges agree that  we need a short-term solution, but will ultimately implement Glue for this process.

Best Short-Term Approach:
Develop mechanism/process to download Account data /Student Profile data via the Report Center. More details are needed before functional requirements are copmleted and technical specifications are completed. 

Proposed Technical Solution

Add EPPN to CCCID mapping report to the Report Center

The Tech Center maintains a JasperReports server that colleges can use to run reports against submitted applications.   With this approach, the OpenCCC team would just store the EPPN to CCCID mappings into a table, make that table available to the report  center and then have the Tech Center define a custom report that can be run to download the list of mappings.

Work required to make this work

  • Update OpenCCC to calculate MIS code based on EPPN
  • Update OpenCCC to store the MIS code, EPPN, CCCID and a timestamp.
  • Update Report Center configuration to allow access to the new table
  • Have Tech Center build a custom report for colleges to show mappings.   I believe it should even be possible for the report to be designed in a way that allows uses to just see records created since a given time.


  • I would give a rough estimate that the OpenCCC part of this work could be completed in no more than 2 - 3 days.
  • I can't really judge the Tech Center effort, but I would not expect it require a large effort.


  • Development effort required by the SSP/OpenCCC teams is mostly fairly straightforward


  • No automated systems.  Colleges would be required to manually download the mappings and import them.
  • Would require a fair amount of coordination with another development team.  That will complicate development.