Pilot Application URLs

What is the Pilot Site?

The OpenCCCApply Pilot Site is a fully functional test environment for colleges to use to preview and test the OpenCCC and CCCApply applications and downloads as they appear in Production environment to students. As a rule, the Pilot Site (including the applications, administration tools, and downloads) should mirror the production version exactly. The only exception to this rule is during a 30-Day Preview period, which will reflect upcoming changes to the production corresponding to a release, right before a release or the Annual Update.

Please note that the Pilot Site has different Terms of Use and Support than the student-facing production site. To request support or report an issue with the Pilot site, please post a comment on CCCTechnology.info.

Pilot Applications

Pilot applications (aka test applications) are available for every college, for every CCCApply application. Even if your college has not yet implemented the BOG Fee Waiver or the International Applications, you still have a test-site application associated with your college.  

The URLs shown below are templates. To see your college application, you must replace the "XXX" at the end of the URL with your college's MIS code.  To validate that you have reached your college applications, you should see your college logo in the upper left corner of the header banner. NOTE: We have no district applications, so if you are a single-college district, use your college MIS code to access your application. 

PILOT ApplicationApplication URL

PILOT CCCApply Standard Application


*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT Noncredit Application


*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code. Note XXX is within the URL, not at the end.

PILOT Promise Grant (BOG) Application


*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT International Application


*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

NEW Pilot CCCApply Administrator 2.0  &  Pilot Report Center URLs

Click here to find the new CCC Administrator / CCCApply Administrator 2.0 URLs for your Pilot and Production environments.

Pilot Administrator URL Template

  • Your can also use the templates below to configure your Pilot URL. 
  • The Pilot URLs below are "templates" - so the examples shown are not your URLs. These are provided to give you an example of what yours look like.
  • Please contact your IT department or College Support Services if you experience problems accessing to your Pilot Administrator and Pilot Report Center using the link above. 

CCCApply Administrator 2.0 

http://{college or district domain}.pilot.openccc.net/admin

Example:  http://butte.pilot.openccc.net/admin

CCC Report Center

http://{college or district domain}.pilot.openccc.net/reports

Example:  http://butte.pilot.openccc.net/reports

NOTE: Getting to the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 now requires all users to login to the new CCC Administrator with the new college-specific URL.  Your user account will recognize your ePPN passed from your college or district IdP and authorizes your permissions to launch the CCCApply Administrator 2.0

To identify your college or district's custom Pilot Administrator & Report Center's URLs, you must replace the (domain) portion of the new URL below, with your college or district website domain.

Pilot Download Server URL Attributes

To test your pilot (test) application downloads, use the following URL attributes in your Pilot Job XML files. For more information, refer to the Download Client User Guide.

PILOT Application

Download Server URL
PILOT CCCApply Standard Applicationhttps://pilot.admin.openccc.net:8443/ccctransfer
PILOT Promise Grant (BOG) Applicationhttps://pilot.admin.openccc.net:8443/ccctransferbog
PILOT International Application