2016-23B: Auto-Login for New Accounts directly into First Page of New Application

Request No.2016-23B
Date of Request5.1.16
Application(s)CCCApply Standard, BOG, International
Section / Page

Account Creation > Application Submission Process

Steering Approval StatusAPPROVED & IMPLEMENTED 10.21.16
Steering Hearing Date6.16.16
Proposed Change to Download FileN/A
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A

Problem / Issue

New students think they’ve completed the CCCApply application after creating their OpenCCC account  Support the recurring complaints and requests from colleges to help simplify the Account Creation process and streamline the use experience for a new applicant with auto-login logic. 

This was one of the CACCRAO Memo Issues (05.04.16).

  • Number one complaint from Admissions staff
  • Transition from Account creation to Application is unclear and confusing
  • There are too many steps/clicks between Account creation and Application
  • Students can’t remember Username, Password, or Security Questions
  • End up creating new OpenCCC Account

Additional comments from Diane Traversi in an email to Patty Donohue, 5.2.16:

"The fact that students still keep making the mistake of thinking that once they start an Open CCC Apply account that they are done with the application – I hear this a hundred times a week!"

Account Recovery:  "That they filled out an Open CCC Apply application for another college some time ago and they can’t remember their log-in information or answers to security questions to apply to our college."

Proposed Solution

  • Implement auto-login from OpenCCC Account creation to first page of new Application


What customizations will be made to V3?

Shibboleth IdP V2 is nearing end of life and the Tech Center is planning to upgrade to V3, beginning early June 2016 for a July 31 release. For the new version, we will NOT be customizing V3 for Apply like V2.  V3 will be implemented without any customizations.  That means that the custom workflow that currently exists for V2 the customizations around the latest version (Shib V3) , Unicon will not be incorporating the custom integration no customizations for Apply will be coded around the new version of Shib V3CCCApply has integrated custom code and logic around the currently Shibboleth V2 implementation in order to streamline the user experience and application process for CCCApply users. Since 2012, CCCApply was the only CCCTC project that has integrated with OpenCCC Account. Understanding that the overarching plan for OpenCCC was to provide CCCID accounts for all CCC technology applications, the customizations built around OpenCCC Shibboleth IdP implementation was both loosely designed and tied into