2016-32: Improve Communication of Annual Update Release to Colleges

Request No.2016-32
Date of Request5.4.16
RequesterCACCRAO Memo
Application(s)All Applications
Section / Page

CCCApply Project Site
Support Site
Constant Contact 

Steering Hearing Date5.11.16
Steering Approval StatusApproved
Proposed Change to Download FileN/A
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A

Problem / Issue

CACCRAO Issue #9. Failure to successfully communicate the end-of-March upgrade – apparently it was stated on the website but no actual email was sent to A & R Offices. Possibly sent to IT departments but that was not shared with A & R folks. (Led to much confusion.)

NOTE: The annual update was announced via Constant Contact - 6 emails were sent out over the course of January 10 - March 27.  Posts were made to the Support Site. Annual Update Webinar was held on Feb 19, 2016.  

Proposed Solution

In effort to improve communication with colleges relative to the CCCApply Annual Update release, and all application releases throughout the year, create and implement a 30-60-90 Release Policy, which would require Product Manager and CCCApply project team to notify colleges 30 to 90 days in advance on any reelease,especially the Annual Update, which would require 90 Days notification to prepare.

Communication policy has already been drafted and approved by the Steering Committee 5.11.16.  

In addition to release policy, Patty has proposed and drafted a template for a monthly newsletter which would go out through Constant Contact AND would be posted on the CACCRAO websote. The format of the newsletter would include: 3 articles/stories (1 would be a new FAQ post on the support site) and - every other month, or as needed - a new Survey link.  Patty will work with Sandoval's team (CCCTC Marketing) for feedback on template and monthly proof-reading before sending.  

Discussion with DT: explained that we've developed a 30/60/90 day communication plan for all releases and/or changes that directly affect CCCApply applications (download files, and logic). Patty will be reviewing the comm plan with Steering on 6/16


  1. At the CACCRAO meeting a show of hands indicated that close to half of the attendees did not know about the Annual Update. Another show of hands indicated that many of the attendees were new to the CCC (high turnover and new staff). There is a strong need to drive registration numbers on the Support Site.Until numbers are higher, communication needs to be emphasized via Constant Contact email lists in addition to support site postings.
  2. Constant Contact mailing lists need to be updated with 2016 Foundation lists.
  3. A Communication & Marketing plan needs to be developed and implemented 
  4. Patty reported that registration on the Support site has increased by 200% since April 2016. 

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