Stream CCCApply Application Data Directly to Your College ERP/SIS with SuperGlue

SuperGlue: The data delivery alternative that streams CCCApply data directly to your college ERP or SIS system. Learn more about the benefits of SuperGlue. Contact your CCCTC College Relationship Manager today.

SuperGlue release 3.7.0 supports the student application data changes in CCCApply 6.7.0. Colleges using the SuperGlue College Adapter to stream student application data directly to their student information system (SIS) will need to upgrade to SuperGlue release 3.7.0. The SuperGlue 3.7.0 College Adapter will be available in advance of the CCCApply 6.7.0 pilot and production releases to allow college IT staff time to upgrade.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to upgrade your college's SuperGlue college adapter.Gl

Requirements for upgrading your Glue for Apply implementation

Not yet receiving student application data directly to your SIS? Contact the California Community Colleges Technology Center College Relationship Managers for more information on this feature.