Pilot Meeting Information

This meeting was held online via Zoom.

Date:   Friday March 22, 2019

Time:  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

Topic: CCCApply Non-Credit Application Pilot Project - March 22 Meeting

Location: ONLINE

Zoom Meeting URL:  https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/6770513851

Phone:  Dial: +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll) +1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 677 051 3851

March 22



Roll Call.  Confirm Participants Information

Zoom Chat & Participants 

Discuss Issues

Update on Change Requests Enhancements

Review Non-Credit UAT Implementation Checklist 

Schedule next meetingApril 5 - 9:00AM

Close Meeting

CCCApply Noncredit Pilot - Participant Roster

Non-Credit Application Pilot Members
Primary Contact
Primary Contact Email
College / District
IT Contact
IT Contact Email
Paulette Linoplino@chabotcollege.edu
Chabot College

Monika Liu



City College of SF

Quyen Lu


Francine Luong


City College of SFSheila Pontanares


MaryLou Leyba


City College of SFWonda Wong


Liz Leisersoneleiserson@ccsf.eduXCity College of SFChien Lin


Coastline College

Kyle Mack


Coastline CollegeTim Rigneytimr@cccd.edu
Anna SalazarSalazaal@elac.edu
East LA College

Tiffany Miller


El Camino CollegeJoshua Rosales


Anthony Cervantes

Foothill College

Chien Shih

Elias Regaladoregaladoelias@fhda.edu
Foothill College

Jerrick Woo


Linda Koyamakoyamalinda@fhda.edu

Mahmood Hasan


Jyoti Gavaligavalijyoti@fhda.edu
Kristy Lislelislekristy@fhda.edu
Foothill College

Albert Ramirez



Glendale College

Simon Mirzayan


Tina King, Ed.D.tking@noce.eduX

North Orange CCD (SCE)

Morgan Beckmbeck@noce.eduX
Triseinge Ortiztortiz@noce.eduXNorth Orange CCD (SCE)

Shontel Coronascorona@noce.eduXNorth Orange CCD (SCE)

Jason Makabali


North Orange CCD (SCE)

Thea Quigley

Riverside CCDAli Salinasali.salinas@rcc.eduX
Paula Barrera


Riverside CCD

Esau Tovar, Ph.D.


Santa Monica College

Fai Fongfong_fai@smc.eduX
Dione Cartercarter_dione@smc.eduXSanta Monica College

Luis Jaureguijauregui_luis@smc.edu
Santa Monica College

Mitch Leahymleahy@santarosa.eduXSanta Rosa Jr. College

Sierra College

Julia Arreguyjarreguy@sierracollege.edu
Gerlie Jeltemagjeltema@socccd.edu
South Orange CCD

Stephanie Murguiasmurguia@cerritos.edu
Cerritos College

Michelle Pena


Bakersfield College

Elena Alcalaealcala@cccco.eduXCCC Chancellor's Office

Michael Quiaoit


XCCC Chancellor's Office

Patty Donohue


XCCC Technology CenterMerrie Wales


Jennifer Coleman


Amanda Mason


CCC Technology CenterKasey Crosby


Topic: CCCApply Noncredit App Pilot Meeting - March 22
Start Time : Mar 22, 2019 08:45

Meeting Recording:

BUG Reported:  issues with the Noncredit App URL not working for the pilot colleges.  They were using the correct URL but in some cases it was defaulting to the Standard Application. A bug ticket was opened and the Apply team is investigating now.  Update will be sent to the pilot colleges after investigation.

Additional changes suggested:  

  • Enhance the Account Creation language and button on the Welcome landing page
  • Remove the SSN/TIN for Noncredit Students

North Orange Continuing Education needs a CCCApply Standard application set up in order to access the Noncredit Application. Patty will contact 

Action Item:  Please review the topics that were discussed during March 22 meeting.

Review Noncredit UAT Implementation Checklist 

Issues & Concerns sent to Chancellor's Office Legal Office

    1. What is their official residency status?
    2. Are colleges supposed to automatically classify them as a non-resident?
    3. What tuition fees should they be charged?
    4. Non-resident or resident fees if taking credit courses at the same time or transitioning to credit courses?
    5. If we are not determining residency classification, how does this impact apportionment?
    6. Are noncredit, non-residents not included in apportionment?

If noncredit students are exempt from residency classification, then…

  1. Are students allowed to transition to credit while they’re taking noncredit courses?
  2. If so, would they have to submit a new application before transitioning to credit? (Yes)

Response:  Allow the student to re-apply with the Standard Application to get residency status. Auto-population will fill responses from the Noncredit application.

  1. Should applicants agree to "Terms" that they understand the noncredit status?
  2. Does CCCApply need to incorporate a disclaimer that noncredit students are completing the noncredit application?

Response: Currently, this requirement was not included in the v.1.0 version, scheduled to release in March 2019

Action Item:  Please review the current status of issues & concerns raised during the pilot project.

New Change Requests

Field / FeatureStatusNeed / Proposed ChangeImplementation 
Make SSN Optional for Noncredit Applicants

Include/align with California Adult Education Program (CAEP) MIS data elements

Approved Changes 

Field / FeatureStatusNeed & Proposed Change*Implementation Status

Implement a different introduction/landing page for the Noncredit Application

Add a Noncredit Intro page (landing page) that appears when the user enters the application using the Noncredit URL. 

Add a new landing page for the Noncredit application workflow, with the following language:

Noncredit Application to College

Before applying to college you must first have an OpenCCC account.

The OpenCCC single sign-in account allows you to access the online services of the California Community Colleges.

OpenCCC is a service of the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office. The information in your account is kept private and secure.

Field / FeatureStatusNeed & Proposed Change*Implementation Status

Implement the ability for colleges to specify which Application(s) each Major/Program of Study should appear in

Applicable Field: Intended Major / Program of Study

Colleges need to be able to display different Majors in the Noncredit Application

Colleges need to be able to display the same Majors in the Noncredit application.  

Implement the ability for the college to designate which application each Major should appear in. (This should be an "Application Type" flag - or similar - which is set for each individual major.)  

The Application types should include:  

  • Standard App
  • Noncredit App
  • Both Standard & Noncredit

But still need to be able to display all majors

  • Implement a tag/toggle in the "Add/Edit Major" modal that identifies if  a Major/Program should appear in the Standard App, the Noncredit App, or Both apps.  otherwise it will NOT appear.
  • Implement logic that will only display the Majors that have the Noncredit tag in the NC App. (NOTE: This means that these Majors/Programs would also appear in the Standard, but would ONLY appear in the Noncredit app)

Field / FeatureStatusNeed & Proposed Change*Implementation Status

Implement the ability to display different Supplemental Questions in the Noncredit Application

Colleges need the ability to ask different supplemental questions of their Noncredit students.  

  1. Best case scenario: College needs the ability to specify which application each question appears in (Standard, Noncredit or both)

  2. Next best scenario: Colleges want the ability to display the same page of supplemental questions in both applications or not. 

  3. At the very least: Colleges would rather have supplemental questions turned OFF in their Noncredit application if they can't have either of the other two scenarios. 


Implement an "Application Type" flag that includes:

  • Standard App
  • Noncredit App
  • Both Standard & Noncredit

Data Fields: Ensure that the existing set of Standard Supplemental Question data fields can be used by the Noncredit application as well as the Standard Application so that the college doesn't have to add/create any new data fields just for the noncredit 

Ideally, a mix of questions with varying Application Types would be configured in the same Format Definition XML (adding a line of code designating the App Type that the question should appear in). 

For example: If the college has 12 supplemental questions total, but:

  • 10 of them pertain to Standard App only = Standard App
  • 6 of them pertain to both Standard & Noncredit apps = Both Apps
  • 2 of them are exclusively for Noncredit students  = Noncredit App

Could all of these questions be configured on the same XML - with the Application Type determining which ones should display in each application or both?

Deferred Change Requests

DescriptionStatusNeed / Proposed ChangeConsiderations for Implementation

Disable the Major Category Filter in the Noncredit Application Only

Applicable Field: <category>

  • Disable the Major Category filter in the Noncredit App
  • Even if the Major is set to display in the both the Noncredit and Standard Apps AND there is a category associated with the Major.
  • The Major Category filter should ONLY display / integrate with the Standard Application


  • This change should only be implemented in conjunction with the change above pertaining to the Intended Major/Program of Study field.
  • individual Majors can be flagged to display in both application, but if a category is also associated with the Major, the additional Major Category filter should only display in the Standard Application;

The following list of action items are from all meetings.

#DescriptionNotesAssigned to Start DateDeadline DateStatus

Send the list of concerns to the committee for feedback;

Sent to committee: 3/05

March 22

Flesh out the three "must have" requirements and submit to the development team for an IT development estimateGoal:  Dev team to groom and estimate changes this week (Mar 7) PattyDraft up Jira tickets and groom for development estimateMarch 11

Setup Recurring Meetings for Friday mornings?

NOTE:  Next meeting is Friday, April 12, 9:00AM

Schedule next meeting for March 22Patty3/05/19

Follow up on technical issues reported by the colleges:

URLs taking some colleges to the Standard Application 

This cannot be reproduced by the development team. PattyMarch 22April 8

March 22 Meeting Chat

Below are the comments, questions, and answers (where possible) from the 3/22 meeting. Answers are provided in BLUE below. 

(This is the original file:  meeting_saved_chat.txt)

09:06:57 From Morgan : For the initial page, can we also include making the "create new account" more predominate since the application is focused on NC students and this would most likely be their first application (not log in)

I have added this suggestion to a list of change requests that will be reviewed and considered for a future release. At this time, this change would be out of scope for the first release.  This is the same page that all first-time applicants see so this change would affect all students - not just noncredit applicants.

09:07:07 From carter_dione to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Patty, please see the email I sent yesterday in regards to the proper spelling of noncredit (no hyphen), WIOA II MIS data elements, etc. Thank you. Dee Dee

As mentioned in the first meeting on March 4, all official product labels and published documentation will have the correct spelling of "noncredit" without the hyphen. I will attempt to correct any "internal" documents and notes as possible, but some of the pages on the wiki with the hyphen in the title cannot be changed without breaking links. 

09:08:02 From Tina King : It gets confusing when we consider noncredit as majors. Noncredit does not have majors.
09:10:46 From Monika Liu : Noncredit has certificates & high school diplomas as Program of Study. Can these be available for the Noncredit only.

Because of the way we've implemented the Noncredit Application as a path within the Standard Application, some features and functionality can be changed with the first version and some will have to change slowly over time.  First thing to point out is that the "Majors" field on the Enrollment page is actually labeled "Intended Major / Program of Study"; this field name will not change in the first version of the Noncredit application implementation.  Secondly, one of the "must have" changes that has been approved for the Noncredit path is the ability to display different "Intended Majors/Programs of Study" in the Noncredit path. This is currently under-development and scheduled to be included in the production release.

09:10:31 From carter_dione to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Also social security # should be kept as an option due to the new CASAS/WIOA survey rollout
09:11:59 From carter_dione : Also social security # should be kept as an option due to the new CASAS/WIOA survey rollout/requirement.

The Social Security Number question is an optional question (not required) that is asked during the OpenCCC Account system, not within the application(s).  There are plans to redesign the OpenCCC system in the future; however, at this time, SSN is not something we can remove from the Noncredit Application workflow. I have added this issue to the agenda to be discussed at the next meeting.  

CASAS WIOA MIS Requirements
09:13:09 From Tina King : I know we are not focusing on changes; however, for the future we should consider the required new MIS elements from the state. Please see the elements and the language we will be using for our institution.
09:13:39 From Tina King : This is required to be collected for all students so this would be an ideal mechanism to include these new questions. FYI.
09:50:45 From carter_dione : If CCCApply cannot add the WIOA MIS Data Elements (primarily around employment history and goals), can we use the Supplemental Questions section?

Subsequent to the March 22 Noncredit Pilot meeting, I met with Tina King from NOCE to discuss the WIOA requirements and how these may affect the Noncredit Application development underway. I have added this issue to the agenda for the April 12 meeting to be discussed.

Meanwhile, it is important to understand that any question - required or optional - that is not currently included in the Noncredit path can be added using Supplemental Questions. Questions that are required for ALL students (noncredit, as well as credit students) can be added to the Standard App Supplemental Questions as well as the Noncredit Supplemental Questions.  

Title 5 Buckets
09:12:51 From Triseinge Ortiz : Using Title 5 buckets as programs for noncredit would be a good means of organization.
09:14:21 From Tina King : For Noncredit we should focus on the Title 5 buckets as programs. Please see the below buckets:
09:52:48 From Tina King : The Program Areas according to Title 5/Ed Code state approved noncredit categories. The categories include: ABE, ASE, ESL, Immigrant Education, Home Ec, Parenting, Older Adult, Pre-Apprenticeship, Short-term Voc, and Workforce Prep. These are the buckets or program areas we should use for this app.

Title 5 buckets and how these could be used for organization in the Noncredit Application has also been added to the agenda for discussion in the next meeting, April 12.

Problems with the Noncredit App URLs
09:11:59 From Monika Liu : Does that mean the URL for CCSF need to be redirected to make sure it's the Noncredit one?
09:18:35 From Liz Leiserson : I used this link for CCSF, which took me to the standard app, even after clearing my cache: https://pilot.opencccapply.net/cccapply-welcome?cccMisCode=361&nonCredit=true
09:19:44 From Patty Donohue : https://pilot.opencccapply.net/cccapply-welcome?cccMisCode=261&nonCredit=true
09:20:03 From hernandez_jose_g to Patty Donohue (Privately) : I just tried the link from CCSF, it sent me to the credit application

This issue with the URLs is being taken very seriously. If you recall, we attempted to recreate this issue during the last meeting (you can review that in the recording) and I immediately brought this to the development team after the meeting (several hours of investigating was put in by the support team and the CCCApply developers), however we could not reproduce this bug. 

Several attempts to recreate the environment in which this issue may have occurred were used in troubleshooting, including:

  • With an In-progress Standard application pending for a different term at the same college
  • With an In-progress Standard application pending for the same term at the same college
  • With a Standard application submitted for the same term at the same college
  • With a Standard application submitted for a different term at the same college
  • With an in-progress Noncredit application pending for a different term at the same college

None of these tests resulted in providing us with the issue reported by many of you. This is troubling; however, we will continue to troubleshoot this potential issue. 

Action Item: As a participant of this pilot, we appreciate this valuable feedback and hope that we can count on you to continue to report updated on this issue, and any other issues or bugs you come across in testing.  Thank you.

9:28:42 From Alfred to Patty Donohue (Privately) : With the pilot: will we have input on the language used and the arrangement of fields and disclaimers?

As a participant college in this pilot project, we rely on your input and suggestions that support ALL colleges use of the CCCApply applications. Unfortunately, the current CCCApply platform does not allow must flexibility including custom language and the ability to move questions, sections, or pages around. However, changes to language and arrangement of fields, questions, and sections that are required, or would benefit all colleges, should be submitted to this committee for review and approval.

As part of this pilot process, we have set up the following process for submitting change requests and reporting bugs and other support issues. Please see:  Pilot Project: Feedback & Support

09:42:28 From Morgan : Patty, it was our understanding at NOCE that this application was for non credit students applying for non credit courses exclusively. Students that are dual enrolled with credit would just use the credit application and then locally apply for their non credit courses, is that accurate or has the focus pivoted?

Yes. One of the objectives for the Noncredit Application project is to provide an online application/workflow for students enrolling exclusively in noncredit courses.  The way we have addressed this within the Standard Application is to provide a separate URL for a path - exclusively for noncredit students - that does not include residency questions. If a student chooses to enroll is ONE or MORE credit courses they will need to return to CCCApply and complete the Standard Application for the same term at the same college.  This objective has not changed and the logic has been put in place to accommodate this process.

NOTE: I think there may be some confusion around the use of the term "dual enrollment".  When this was brought up in discussion during the meeting, I believe we were referring to students enrolled in high school (or lower grades) and college at the same time, as opposed to students enrolled in both credit and noncredit courses at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.

09:44:17 From Alfred to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Standard application means through CCCApply?

CCCApply is the product name for a suite of applications developed by the CCC Technology Center (owned by the CCC Chancellor's Office). The three applications under the CCCApply suite are:

  • CCCApply Standard Application
    • The Noncredit Application workflow is a path within the Standard Application, accessible only through the unique, misCode-based URL
  • CCCApply International Application
  • CCC Promise Grant Application

09:44:53 From fong_fai : Does we need to add non_credit==”false” to all previous rule

Each college has a custom URL for their Standard and Noncredit applications.  Other than the URL, no other element is modified - or needs to be modified - by the "non_credit" data field. This is strictly intended to identify via downloads and reporting HOW the student entered the application. If they intend to complete the Noncredit workflow path - they will use the Noncredit URL, which sets the <non_credit> flag/field = True.  If they intended to complete the Standard (for credit) application - they will use the Standard URL, which sets the <non_credit> field to False.

Please see the "Changes to the Download Client" that was detailed in the Release 6.4.0 Notes Summary.

09:48:47 From Morgan : How do we get access to the admin side for our school (credentials)?

College admins must have an authorized User account to authenticate into the CCCApply Administrator.  As part of this pilot project, support engineers are available to help you ensure your user accounts are created and/or updated and that you have access to all authorized tools and services. Detailed implementation information can be found here:  

For support assistance, please contact Patty Donohue, Product Manager, pdonohue@ccctechcenter.org - or contact Merrie Wales, Support Engineer, mwales@ccctechcenter.org for assistance.

09:49:13 From Alfred to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Glendale has noncredit apply on a home grown application online linked to our ERP - PeopleSoft and provides a college ID number which is used for all classes in the future. If they decide to enroll in credit, they apply through CCCApply and get included in a credit career for or system.
09:59:39 From Alfred to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Will we be able to add defaults to fields?

Colleges can create custom Supplemental Questions to display on a single page within the Standard Application. These questions can be created to have defaults in a number of different formats (menus, checkbox, radio buttons, text input fields, etc.).  One of the approved change requests currently under-development for the Noncredit Application (per the work of this pilot group) is to implement unique supplemental questions for the Noncredit Application, which can be used in both applications as well. 

As soon as development of this new feature is complete, we will provide you with implementation and testing instructions.

10:01:35 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City) : Will this recording be made available to the committee? I have to run to another meeting.

Yes. This meeting was recorded and the link is available at the top of this document. 

Action Item: Please review the Q&A from the last meeting, March 22.

March 04 Meeting

Below are the comments, questions, and answers (where possible) from the 3/04 meeting Chat.  Answers are provided in BLUE below.

16:02:28 From Dione & Luis : Patty, Noncredit needs to be spelled without a hyphen: Noncredit

Noted.  All official text and nomenclature will reference the proper spelling above:  Noncredit.  However, many of the internal documents that have already been published online (product information and implementation docs - if I change the document titles, I could break the links.  Hopefully we can live with those misspelled documents (smile)

15:34:01 From Paulette Lino : how do I access the list of colleges with (Pilot Noncredit) URLs?

15:40:29 From Kyle Mack : CCCApply Noncredit Application URLs

Thank you, Kyle!

During the demo, a request was made to implement a different "Welcome" page for the Noncredit Application. Below are the comments during this discussion from the Chat.

16:27:34 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City) : A separate (Welcome) landing page would be very helpful.
15:33:16 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City) : I agree. I'd like some verbiage (on the Welcome page) that indicates it's a noncredit application.
15:39:12 From fong_fai : Agreed, especially in the case where a student had to apply twice during a term, once to the noncredit and then switch to a credit student. The landing page will clarify the application for the student.
16:28:10 From Monika Liu : I agree to have a separate landing page for Noncredit
16:29:41 From Morgan : = Noncredit
16:32:39 From fong_fai : I think we need to say "Noncredit Program Application"
15:58:27 From Morgan : I agree with Gerlie and Dione as if you are in the noncredit app it helps differentiate and removes confusion for the student. Those that have aspirations for credit still have to fill out a credit app anyway for residency and you can collect it there.

15:39:52 From Mitch Leahy : that depends on how your SIS is configured
15:40:13 From Mitch Leahy : You need to make sure that a noncredit doesn't enroll in credit if they complete a noncredit app. Otherwise... you will have an audit problem.
15:41:17 From Gerlie Jeltema : That's what I mean - from a policy perspective, if there are downstream impacts for how a student applied to the institution, then it should be clear which application the student is using.

I have added a change request to implement a unique landing page for the Noncredit Application. Please see the details above in the "Change Requests: "Must Have Features" section.

15:39:35 From Gerlie Jeltema : If a student made the mistake of applying via Noncredit app because it was not clearly identified, does it prevent them from doing some things a regular student can do?

The Noncredit Application does not contain the Residency page or the Citizenship/Military page, and the first three questions on the Needs & Interests page have also been removed.  The Submission Calculation Service - which calculates the applicant's "Residency Status" - is disabled in the Noncredit Application. In addition, the AB 540 Eligibility algorithm, the Financial Aid Eligibility algorithm, and the Ineligible for Admission calculation services are disabled in the Noncredit Application.  This means that the information about whether the student is eligible for AB 540 benefits is not calculated and displayed on the "Special Links & Opportunities" page in the post-submission services process.  

So - in answer to your question - Yes, if the student accidentally applies using the Noncredit Application, the college will not be able to determine their residency classification for the purposes of determining tuition, and the student will have to complete the Standard Application for the same term at the same college in order to fulfill the requirements of residency determination.

As discussed during the meeting, and as documented in the Noncredit Application information, the logic preventing a student from submitting more than one application for the same term at the same college has been lifted for transitioning from Noncredit to "for credit" (but not the other way around). 

Extensive information about the Noncredit Application specifications, data fields changes, and student user experience, have been documented in the following documents:

Implementation & UAT Information

Change Requirements

Product & Pilot Information

15:38:39 From Gerlie Jeltema : Is there a limitation as to what Noncredit students can do versus regular students at most institutions that require that a student know in advance that they are entering a strictly Noncredit application?

This is an excellent question that I would like to propose be included on our CCC Noncredit Online Application Survey (suggested name). It would be very helpful to have more information about all the different types of noncredit programs across our system, what each of them requires, and what information is provided to their students prior to applying.

15:51:12 From fong_fai : Do you plan to add condition criteria for each of the supplemental questions. It would be great if you can, so we can control who sees the questions even on the regular app?

Implementing conditional logic in the Supplemental Questions module is something that we have wanted to do for a very long time. Unfortunately the CCCApply budget keeps getting cut back and we have been forced to stretch our "no new features" maintenance budget as far as we can while continuing to meet our primary charter objective of providing a legally compliant online admission application for the California Community Colleges and the 2.5+ million users applying each year.

However, during last year's "Administrator 2.0 Upgrade" - our initial project plan included a complete rewrite to the Supplemental Questions module for the Standard & International Applications. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and another unforeseen shift in charter focus, we were forced to reprioritize the scope of the Administrator upgrade project, and settle for a "feature parity" product upgrade and prioritize replacing the antiquated PhP-based application with a modern UI and Java backend - to ensure we maintained all of our existing features in the revision.

Nevertheless - we will continue to include (beg for (smile)) requests for continuous improvement funding - including upgrading portions of the Administrator and Report Center - in our annual charter proposals and cross our fingers that we can make small strides in the upcoming years.

15:51:54 From Morgan : Does Spanish (translation) work now?

Unfortunately, the current version of Spanish hover help is still not working in this version of CCCApply. However, as mandated in AB 3101, we have begun gathering requirements for a CCCApply Redesign - including a new user interface with Spanish (international) translation that is mobile-phone friendly with superior support enhancements (chat capabilities and text messaging). At this time we do not have confirmation that our budget for FY2019-2020 will allow us to begin development - but we are working with a variety of stakeholders (under the guidance of the Chancellor's Office) on the comprehensive redesign specification in anticipation for funding approval.  (Spanish translation is at the top of the list!)

15:52:09 From fong_fai : Would the download residency status be just blank?
15:53:34 From fong_fai : I see that that the residency status would be "N"

In the Noncredit Application, the Submission Calculation Service is disabled (this is the service that calculates the four areas of the Residency algorithm into a preliminary "residency status"); therefore, we have added a new data value to the Residency status field <res_status> - as well as the four residency area status fields.  Please see all the changes to the data downloads and other data specifications here: 

Also, the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary v.2019.1 has been updated with all data changes in the Noncredit Application.

15:53:22 From Morgan : Can we edit the needs and interest to fit our student population and reduce the confusion on our most vulnerable population?

Unfortunately no, not in this version of CCCApply.  However - one of the key design elements in our plan for the next version is to re-architect the backend of the application into a flexible, universal form engine, which would allow colleges to be able to customize questions, sections, and pages - to some extent.  Let's hope we get the funding needed to more forward in this direction.

15:56:28 From Kyle Mack : Not having the option to use a different set of majors on the standard and noncredit apps will be a deal breaker for Coast Community Colleges.

This is our feeling, too, Kyle, and we anticipated this going into this pilot phase. Our hope is that we can work with you to deploy a feature that meets your needs. I think we have a proposal above that will work.  See "Change Requests: "Must Have" Features above.

15:59:22 From fong_fai : Should we add noncredit status field and integrity flag 81 for the production roll out coming in a couple of weeks?

Great question, Fai.  I would add those two new fields - and accommodate your business processes to acknowledge the new Residency Status and Area values specified - in your PILOT environment only through the end of this college pilot phase.  We won't be officially releasing the Noncredit Application code to Production until the June release (June 28).  The reason being - as we continue to make feature enhancements throughout this pilot phase, there will likely be code changes before the production release. 

Please see the following to start testing in Pilot:

15:59:23 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City) : Can noncredit be added as a major award_type? This would prevent the colleges from having to implement the major categories, and perhaps it would open up options to filter what's displayed in the major dropdown menu.

That's a good thought, but unfortunately I don't see that happening for this version of the Noncredit or Standard applications.  The reason is - the award type field doesn't integrate anywhere in the application. It's not used at all now and would require a significant revision to implement that as a filter at this point. 

16:10:13 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City) : Patty, is this presentation/set of slides available online?

Yes.  The CCCApply Noncredit Path - Pilot UAT Slides is available here. 

16:11:18 From Gerlie Jeltema to Patty Donohue (Privately) : When a student applies using Noncredit first, they can apply using the Credit app for the same term is what I heard. What happens if they apply for the Credit app first?

Yes, that is correct.  We have lifted the restriction that is in place now for submitting more than one application to the same term at the same college specifically so a noncredit student who has submitted the Noncredit Application can also submit a  Standard Application for the same term at the same college - if they need to.  

However, the restriction holds for the other process.  If a student submits a Standard Application - they will NOT be allowed to submit a Noncredit Application afterwards to the same term at the same college. The reason for this is that the Standard Application should have provided the college everything they need to enroll the student in noncredit.  The only exception to this would be - if we implement the change to the Major/Program of Study field - allowing the noncredit application to have different majors or programs of study, the college may need to follow up with the student on which program they plan to enroll in within your noncredit program.  Otherwise, they will have provided all the other required responses and shouldn't need to complete a Noncredit application after submitting a Standard app.

16:16:57 From Michael Quiaoit to Patty Donohue (Privately) : CO is fine with clarifying any questions, please send them to me and Elena Alcala, so Natalie Wagner can include the answers in the Residency Overview document.

Thank you, Michael Q!  As discussed in our meeting, we will gather and review a set of concerns and issues that the group would to submit to the Chancellor's Office for a Legal Opinion or other official response. We will be working on this list in the coming week and will submit the list to you and Elena as soon as possible.  Thanks again.

16:18:41 From Dione & Luis : When does the noncredit app go live?
16:20:27 From Merrie Wales : Dione, In Pilot the Noncredit app is available now

So the Noncredit Application is live now in the Pilot environment.  Please see the Implementation information - provided several times above - for implementation and setup instructions. 

The plan is to work on the remaining "must have" requirements and any other bug fixes identified over the course of this 12 week "pilot project" (not to confuse that with our Pilot environment, sorry) - with plans to deploy the final version to Production - for all colleges - in June (28th).  

One suggestion I will discuss with the pilot committee is - after the feature enhancements are completed and deployed - we may decide to allow this group of colleges to beta test the final version in Production with students prior to the June release. That would give us some much needed feedback prior to the production launch. I think this will depend on how quickly we can identify issues and get them resolved over the upcoming weeks.

16:21:09 From Shontel Corona : I noticed North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) is missing from the CCCApply Noncredit Application URLs list. Fullerton and Cypress college are listed, but not NOCE 863

I need to look into this, Shontel, because as far as I understand we do not have any "district" applications.  All  CCCApply applications are configured to the college MIS code.  It's possible that North Orange has stood up some form of District front page, and I know it's possible for districts to combine the download files at the district level, but as far as students applying through CCCApply, all applications are based on the "college" MIS code. 

NOTE: If we have made an exception for North Orange - or if there is a third college MIS code that I am unaware of - then my apologies. You can construct your URL by replacing the three XXX's in the URL template with your MIS code. However, when I tested the MIS code you listed - I did not see a valid application.  Let's chat through Support.

16:35:44 From fong_fai : Could we use the concept of area and apply to the noncredit program and the program becomes the different noncredit program

Please IM me privately, Fai.  I need some clarification on this question.  Thanks!

16:44:50 From Anna Salazar - EAST : In my opinion a survey should be sent out

Excellent!  Thank you, Anna.  We all agreed that a survey is needed.  Please provide some question suggestions to the committee so we can get moving on that survey.