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Release No.5.3.1
Target release dateRelease DateJanuary 1, 2016
Application(s)BOG Fee Waiver Application
Environment(s)Pilot / Production

2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Specification

Change to Download FileNo
Change to BOG Income Table LogicYes



Table of Contents




Release Summary

On October 6, 2016, the CCC Technology Center received the final, approved 2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application from the CCC Chancellor's Office. All change requirements are specified below. 

Requirements Summary


Add BOG 2016-2017 Year table entry

2Update Method B Income Table for 2016-2017
4Update BOG Data Dictionary/Specification for 2016-2017

Change Specifications

Add BOG 2016-2017 Year Table Entry

  • The following will be implemented for the 2016/2017 BOG FW year.
  • Update dates throughout the 2015-2016 BOG application incrementally by one year (i.e., instances referring to 2014 will be updated to 2015 etc.)

year_code (generated with insert)
year_start = 2016
year_description_1 = Fall 2016 through Summer 2017
year_description_2 = Summer 2016 through Spring 2017
method_b_largest_household_size = 8
method_b_income_increment = $6,240
method_b_income_baseline = $17,655.00
begin_date = 2016-01-01
end_date = 2017-06-30
term_code = 2017


Update Method B Income Table for 2016-2017

This is the table that will be implemented for 2016/2017.



Update BOG Fee Waiver Data Dictionary/Specification


Changes to Data Download File

There are no new data fields for the 2016-2017 BOG Application; however the BOG Year field will now contain the value "2017" which represents the 2016-2017 BOG Year.
There are no actions required for the college download file. 

Changes to BOG Method B Income Table - 2016-2017

See Update Method B Income Table for BOG 2016-2017 requirement above. 

The official document received by the CCCCO is attached below.


Supporting Documentation 

Below is additional documentation (i.e., CCCCO legal opinions, residency and/or education code citations, legislation citations, supplemental information, etc.) to be referenced in support of this change request. 

DescriptionFile or Link
2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Final - CCCCO Approved2016_17BOGFWFormfinal (1).docx
2016-2017 Method B Income Standards2016-17 BOGFW-B Income Standards Corrected.docx
2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application Specification2016-2017_BOG_Specifications.pdf