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The code changes to remove the CCCApply Needs & Interests Page was an outcome of the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup Project, based on the objectives to comply with AB 3101 to remove all questions that are not mandated by state or federal law from the CCC admission application. Read more information about the CCCApply Redesign Project effort.


In the CCCApply release 6.5.0 (June 2019), the CCCApply Needs & Interests Page to be removed from the both the Standard and Noncredit Application workflows and reconfigured to be an optional page that colleges can choose to display or not by section(s), in order to comply with the objectives specified in Assembly Bill 3101 - calling for the simplification of the application through the removal of questions that are not required at the time of application.


Turning OFF Versus Turning ON the Needs & Interests Page in the CCCApply 6.5.0 release.

To lessen the impact of this change on colleges in the upcoming 6.5.0 release, the removal of the Needs & Interests Page will be deferred to ensure all colleges have been notified in writing with a support process documented. Stay tuned for announcements on the approved process.


  • The Needs & Interests page will remain ON by default

  • the table has been implemented in the DB

  • the Programs & Services section is one combined "section"

  • if a college wants to "opt-out" (Hide) one or more sections, the Tech Center Support will implement a process to support a one-time request.

Phase II: (TBD)
Implement new functionality in the CCCApply Administrator to allow colleges to Hide/Show these questions/sections/pages as needed using an integrated, manual process.Sections on the Needs & Interests PageNot Implemented as of 2021
Enable colleges to toggle on/off the full Needs & Interests page, and/or individual sections as desired through CCCApply Admin configuration feature (manual process).

What’s On the Needs & Interests Page?

The Needs & Interests Page contains of a series of static questions/sections that are largely used by colleges to better understand the includes four main sections of questions intended to gather specific needs, interests, and economic status statuses of their prospective students in order to promote awareness and provide equitable services to all students based on their needs.


Currently, 92% of colleges using CCCApply rely on the Needs & Interests page questions, including the Program & Services checkboxes, as triggers for the custom email Rules they’ve created in the Rules module in the CCCApply Administrator.

Sections, Questions & Data Fields on the Needs & Interests Page

Section: Comfortable with English <comfortable_english>
"Are you comfortable reading and writing English"

Section: Financial Assistance


“Are you interested in receiving information about money for college?" = <financial_assistance>
"Are you receiving TANF/CalWorks, SSI, or General Assistance?" = <tanf_ssi_ga>

Section: Athletic Interest
"Are you interested in participating in a sport while attending college?"
<athletic_intercollegiate>, <athletic_intramural>, and <athletic_not_interested>


Section: Programs & Services
See below for breakdown of the checkbox labels and data fields.


Programs & Services in the Needs & Interests Table <ni_id>

The services included on the Programs & Services section are:


See the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary for detailed specifications.