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CCCApply Release v.6.13 will be deployed:

  • To pilot environment: May 23, 2023--Done!

  • To production: Friday, June 2, 2023 - 5:00pm*--Done!


This release includes new data fields related to AB 2881: student parents. To receive these new fields, your college will need to upgrade to the SuperGlue College Adaptor version that aligns with SG v.4.7 (available now). See the Implementation Notes section below for details.

*Some downtime is expected for this release. Please refer to the System Alerts channel on for details and real-time updates.

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Release Summary

  • Two new questions have been added in support of AB 2881 (student parents with dependent children); these fields will be delivered via SuperGlue for Apply

  • The Foster Youth question language was revised to account for the age limit change for exiting foster care from 16 to 13 or older (SB 512)

  • A new application confirmation email was developed to better guide students to their college support services office

  • Updated Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request forms (pdf) on Special Links & Opportunities page

  • CCCApply SIS Receipt flag (sis_receipt) is now available for ad hoc reporting in the CCCApply Report Center.

  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Support for AB 2881: New ‘Student Parent’ Questions

Two new questions and data fields identifying “student parents with dependent children” have been added to the CCCApply data set in support of AB 2881; one in the CCCApply Standard application and one in the CC Promise Grant application. This new legislation requires the California Community Colleges, as well as the CSU and the University of California systems to provide support and services including enrollment priority to students who have one or more dependent children under the age of 18 that receive more than half of their support from the student parent.

New Question in the CC Promise Grant Application

In the CCC Promise Grant application (CCPG), the new ‘student parent’ question has been added to the Dependency section; however, the response does not impact the BOGFW eligibility algorithm. The question text reads: “Do you have a child or children under the age of 18 who will receive more than half their support from you?

New Question in the the CCCApply Standard Application

The new ‘student parent’ question now appears on the Demographic Information page in the CCCApply Standard application only. It does not display in the Noncredit Application. The question text in the CCCApply Standard application is the same as in the CCPG above.

Data Delivered via SuperGlue for Apply

Each ‘student_parent’ data field is collected, stored, and delivered separately via SuperGlue for Apply (to Standard and CCPG staging tables). Authorized college users can also obtain the data via the CCCApply Report Center and the Data Warehouse Report Server. These fields are also available separately in the CCCApply Administrator to create custom email rules & messages, if desired.

Foster Youth Language Update

The language in the Foster Youth Status question that asks about the age at which a foster youth student “exited foster care” has been changed from “16 or older” to “age 13 years or older” to comply with Senate Bill No. 512 - which extends the requirement and request for enrollment priority as specified in Ed Code: EC 66025.9(b)(1) to “on or after the youth’s 13th birthday”.

New Confirmation Email for College Student Services

To better guide students with questions about their submitted application, CCCApply will now send a confirmation email to the student with the college’s contact information. The new “Confirmation of Successful Application Submission” email will read as follows:


You have successfully submitted an application for admission to [ college name ]. Your application confirmation number is: 0000000.  Please allow 1-2 business days for the college to process your application and get back to you with next steps. 

Need Help Right Away? Please contact the college directly for immediate help with your application status, registering for classes, financial aid and any other college services. [ college name ] can be reached at [ college phone number ]

Updated AB540 Form Added to Special Links & Opportunities Page

The latest version of the Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request and Affidavit form (2023) is now available to download from the Special Links & Opportunities page of the CCCApply Standard application for students eligible for the AB540 tuition exemption. This updated form replaces the previous version as mandated by the CCCCO.

Delivery Status Flag Added to Report Center

The CCCApply SIS Receipt flag (sis_receipt) is now available for ad hoc reporting in the CCCApply Report Center. The SIS Receipt is similar to the CCCApply download “status” flag and identifies if an application has been delivered to the college’s SIS staging table(s) by the College Adaptor. The field is also available in the Data Warehouse Report Server (DWRS) and via the Data Warehouse Direct Connect.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

Bug or Issue

Fix / Improvement

Changed existing data field value for Adult Special Admit response in HS Education Level question.

Changed the field value for “Adult Special Admit” in the High School Education Level <hs_edu_level> data field from the number “7” TO the letter “Z”. No changes were made to the user-facing response option. This is a backend change only.

Note: Using “Z” better aligns with the corresponding value for the same response option in the Enrollment Status field <enroll_status>.


This data field <hs_edu_level> is related to MIS SB11 and the response option is related to legislation SB554

SIS Receipt data field added to the CCCApply Report Center.

Similar to the Download Status field, the purpose of the SIS Receipt field <sis_receipt> is to identify that a submitted application has been delivered to the college via SuperGlue for Apply. The field has now been added to the CCCApply Report Center for college reporting purposes.

Spanish Version of CalVet Implementation (AB 305)

The Spanish language translation has been implemented for the new CalVet consent implementation that was added to the CCCApply Standard application in the v.6.12.0 release.

Implementation Notes

New Data Fields: SuperGlue for Apply Release 4.7

Data element specifications for the new data fields added in this release <student_parent> will be available in the CCCApply Standard and the CC Promise Grant Application data dictionaries. These data fields will be delivered via SuperGlue Release 4.7 and available for reporting in the CCCApply Report Center and the CCC Data Warehouse Report Server.

Available Now! Upgrade to SuperGlue 4.7

Contact your college relationship manager at to request an upgrade to your College Adaptor for the SuperGlue Release 4.7. This new version update is required for your college to receive the new student parent data fields.


Reminder: CCCApply Download Client End-of-Life is Approaching

As of July 1, 2023, the Download Client will no longer be maintained or supported. Data will continue to be delivered so that colleges transitioning to SuperGlue will have additional time to develop their SuperGlue/SIS integration, but if the Download Client breaks it will not be fixed.

The target date to shut off data delivery via the Download Client is January 1, 2024. As of this date, the Download Client will be fully decommissioned.

Pilot Testing: Send Your Input

Pilot testing sites are available as soon as the pilot deployment is completed. Pilot and Production deployments are announced on

See the pilot testing instructions below. Communicate your pilot test feedback or log any bugs with our Staff Support team:

Pilot Testing Instructions for CCCApply Standard Application

  1. Go to your college’s CCCApply pilot site or the “Unicollege” generic pilot site listed below.

  2. Sign in with an existing pilot testing account, or create a new account for pilot testing

Pilot Testing Instructions for California College Promise Grant (CCPG) Online Application:

  1. Go to your college’s online CCPG pilot site or the “Unicollege” generic CCPG pilot site listed below.

  2. Sign in with an existing pilot testing account, or create a new account for pilot testing.


The following documentation is associated with this version release.

Document Name


Document Version

CCCApply Standard & Noncredit Application Data Dictionary

Data Element Dictionary & Form Definition Specifications for CCCApply Standard & Noncredit applications


CC Promise Grant Online Application Data Dictionary

Data Element Dictionary & Form Definition Specifications for CC Promise Grant online application


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