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This approved feature enhancement was approved and renamed to better more accurately reflect the functionality: "Ability for colleges to filter the display of their Majors by education goal list in the CCCApply Standard & International applications by education goal."  Filtering Majors by education goal, and/or the new <category> Major Category field, are new optional features currently being incorporated implemented into the new CCC Administrator for CCCApply.

Request No.2014-01
Date of Request5.04.16
RequesterCACCRAO Memo & Session
Application(s)Standard Application
Section / Page

Education Goal / Majors

Steering ApprovalApproved - New CCC Administrator - May 2018
Steering Hearing Date10.15.15
Proposed Change to Download FileNo
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo

Table of Contents

Problem / Issue

For the past several years, the CCCApply Steering Committee has explored ideas around aligning the Majors list in CCCApply to the Education Goals. Ideas have ranged from importing the Chancellor's Office curriculum inventory list (approved programs of study) to manually aligning the education goals to each major in the Administrator.

The implementation of this request has been controversial. Not all colleges want the CCCCO POS list imported to the Majors table. 

Proposed Solution

A Steering sub-committee was formed to review this issue and determined that the implementation of alignment between education goals and majors must be optional. Not all colleges want the CCCCO POS list imported to the Majors table. Therefore, the proposed solution is to develop the ability for colleges to align each major to one or more Education Goals <edu_goals> through added functionality in the Administrator.  The application UI (user interface) changes would include swapping the position of the Majors drop down menu and the Education Goal menu on the Enrollment page. This would require the student to choose their Ed Goal first, then choose a Major.  The back-end changes would include adding the functionality for the college to manually associate each major to one or more education goal, which would display as a branching of majors based on the ed goal chosen.


Student chooses Term.
Student chooses Education Goal.
Student chooses a Major that has been aligned to that Education Goal by the college in the Administrator.

 NOTE: A major can be aligned to multiple education goals. Branching logic will display only the majors that align to each Education Goal. 

User Stories

User Story #1 - Student
As a student applying to a specific California Community College, I want to see the majors (or programs of study, certificates) that align to my particular education goal.

As a student applying to a specific California Community College, I only want to see the majors or programs that are offered at that college.

As a student applying to a specific California Commiunity College, I want the education goal I choose to display only the majors or programs that are offered by that college.

User Story #2 - Admissions Staff

As a College Admissions or Research staff, I want to be able to align each major offered at our college to the specific education goal it is associated with.

As a college transfer counselor, I want to ensure that students are presented with the majors, programs, and certificates that are available if they intend to transfer to a 4 year college or university.

Requirements Summary

1UI Changes:
Switch the layout positions of the Majors drop-down menu (data field) and the Education Goal drop-down menu (data field) on the Enrollment page of the standard application (International application to be determined) allowing the student to select their Education Goal first, then their Major.

2Administrator Changes:
Develop the ability for college staff to manually align/associate each individual Major to one or more Education Goals.
Alignment of individual Majors to the Education Goals will be configured on the "Add/Edit Major" screen.
Colleges will also have the ability to batch import the Ed Goal-aligned Majors in the Majors tab..

3Report Center Changes:
Colleges can run report to view to alignment of ed goals to major in the Report Center.

NOTE: This Story requires work from the Apply team and the CCC Administrator 2.0 team and the Apply development team. See  

Jira Legacy
serverJIRA (

Change Request Specifications

Apply Team UI Changes

  1. Change the layout on the Enrollment page so that the position of the Education Goal question (drop down menu) appears second, below the Term menu, and before the Major menu.
    1. No change to the download file, or download client.
    2. This is a layout change only. 
  2. Other database changes may be required but undetermined at this time.

Administrator Team Change

  1. Add each of the 13 education goals as individual checkboxes in the Add Majors, Edit Majors, and View Majors screens in the Administrator 2.0.
  2. Ensure each major can be aligned to up to 7 different education goals.
  3. Ensure the alignment to 7 education goals can be added to the Major batch import file (csv or Excel files).

Supporting Documentation

SB 1456 - Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012
TITLE : An act to amend Sections 76300, 78210, 78211, 78211.5,
78212, 78213, 78214, 78215, 78216, and 78218 of, and to
repeal Section 78212.5 of, the Education Code, relating
to community colleges.
See documentation attached.

View file
nameSB 1456 - Revised Mandate (1).doc

Background: Approved CCCApply Steering Change Request
This change request/project is approved by the CCCApply Steering committee. A sub-committee is defining the functional requirements for this project, which has morphed a few times from its original objective to the current draft requirements, as the user stories outline above. 

Approximately 10-12 Steering members are meeting to further define the spec for look & feel, and the technical specs for the CCCCO data file. This is a Major development project that has been escalated to High Priority (but more work is pending). Colleges want to improve the Enrollment page of standard app and (TBD) International application.

Requirements (In-Progress)
1. Switch the order in which the Education Goal field question and Major field question display on the Enrollment page of the standard and international applications, in this order: 1) Term first, 2) Ed Goal second, the 3) Major list (Text to be changed to Course/Program of Study). The final question/field on the International Application will continue to display "Intended 4 Year Major."

2. Depending upon the Ed Goal selected by the student, Courses/Programs would branch depending on the approved programs/courses per the CCCCO approved courses/programs. 
3. Colleges would have the option to import the CCCCO Approved Courses data or not. 
4.Colleges would be able to customize or modify the data file to add other programs.