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Request No.2016-11
Date of Request2.10.16
RequesterChaffey College
Application(s)OpenCCC Account
Section / Page

Account Creation

Steering Approval StatusDeferred to Portal Integration
Steering Hearing Date3.3.16
Proposed Change to Download File 
Proposed Change to Residency Logic 

Table of Contents

Problem / Issue

We have just implemented Single Sign On for our students to access several systems (email, Canvas, Banner, etc.). We are interested in giving students the ability to access their CCCApply account via our SSO system. Since we have their CCCID, could we pass them back to CCCApply to manage their account (perhaps apply to another college, apply for BOG)?>>


Proposed Solution

Notes on solution:

Per Tim's response 03.03.13:
Please just add it as a Jira for CCCApply. In technical jargon, CCCApply would need to be setup with the identity proxy in development currently. 
We're not ready to do this kind of thing yet and probably wont for a while.
For now you can respond to them that its been added to the backlog."



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