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Request No.2016-29
Date of Request5.4.16
RequesterCACCRAO Memo
Application(s)Administrator 1.0
Section / Page


Steering ApprovalDeferred to CCCApply v.3.0
Steering Hearing Date 6.30.16
Proposed Change to Download FileNo
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo

Table of Contents

Problem / Issue

CACCRAO Issue #6. No email log for notifications through the Admin portal in Open CCC Apply – practically every college requested this access.

Proposed Solution

As it relates to the current version of CCCApply (uPortal, v2), technically this is not feasible. 

Move to the requirements list for CCCApply v. 3.0 to see if the Administrator (or MyPath) can keep track of all outgoing email to each student (by CCCID).


Discussion with DT: I've talked to the developers and this is something that is not possible techncially. If having a log of outgoing emails is a priority requirement, we will have to add this to the Administrator 2.0 requirements and build into that system. But in discussing this further, both Diane and I believe that what colleges really want this for is to see "in-progress" applications (which actually doesn't make sense becuase they wouldn't get the emails from triggered rules until they hit Submit) but we do believe that's what they truly want. See issue discussion below for more ideas and suggestions on how to address this need.



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