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SuperGlue release 3.7.0 supports the data changes coming in CCCApply 6.7.0. Colleges using the SuperGlue College Adapter to stream CCCApply data or multiple measures student placements directly to their student information system (SIS) will need to upgrade to SuperGlue 3.7.0. The SuperGlue 3.7.0 College Adapter will be in production as of April 17, 2020.

What are the data field changes coming in CCCApply 6.7.0?

There are two data field changes being implemented in the CCCApply 6.7.0 release (spring 2020) that require action from colleges receiving their CCCApply data directly via SuperGlue. Both of these data field changes relate to the High School Transcript Information section questions (also known as the self-reported Multiple Measures questions) found on the Education page in the CCCApply Standard Application only.


Glue for Apply Field Name

Download Client Field Name


Application / Section

NEW Data Field



Highest Grade Completed

Added question to the CCCApply Standard Application

Deprecated Data Field



Completed Eleventh Grade

Removed question from the CCCApply Standard Application. This field remains in the SIS staging tables used to deliver student application and placement records, and will continue to deliver a Y/N value depending on the student’s answer to the new Highest Grade Completed question. In a future release this field will be removed from the SIS staging tables.

What do colleges using Glue have to do?

With the addition of the new Highest Grade Completed field (highestGradeCompleted) and the deprecation of the Completed Eleventh Grade field (completedEleventhgrade) being implemented in the CCCApply 6.7.0 release, colleges receiving CCCApply data directly from Glue will need to perform the steps outlined below

  1. Collaborate with the CCCTC Enabling Service team ( to add a new column for “highestGradeCompleted” in the Apply SIS and MMPS SIS staging tables  


2. Contact the CCCTC Enabling Services team ( to schedule installation of the SuperGlue 3.7.0 college adapter version that supports CCCApply 6.7.0.  


3. College IT staff may need to update any college-specific processing required to move the new data from the staging tables into SIS core tables/forms

When do colleges using SuperGlue need to make these required changes?

New Information as of 4/13/2020: The SuperGlue College Adapter will be released into Production on April 17, 2020 in advance of the CCCApply 6.7.0 release. Once CCCApply 6.7.0 is released to Production, the SuperGlue MMPS Placement service will be updated to generate student placements using the new “highestGradecompleted” field. This update to the SuperGlue MMPS Placement service will result in the generation of student placements for concurrently-enrolled ninth and tenth grade students.