Making the Needs & Interests Page Optional in CCCApply

As part of the CCCApply Redesign effort (2019), a request was made by the Chancellor's Office representative, to remove the Needs & Interests page from the CCCApply Standard Application, in order to shorten and simplify the application per Assembly Bill 3101. 

  • Feedback from the CCCApply Steering Committee (Advisory Committee) declined to approve this request, pointing out that the majority of colleges are currently using the questions on this page to trigger email rules and messages, including the need to identify students interested in athletics for the purpose of reporting Title IX data.
  • In addition, according to research conducted by product manager in the spring of 2018, 93 colleges are using one or more of the questions on the Needs page for onboarding and matriculation support for new and returning students.
  • Finally, 30 ore more colleges are currently using CCCMyPath, which relies on the Programs & Services section on the Needs & Interests page for rules and notifications.

In the CCCApply June 2019 release (v.6.5.0) Beginning June 2019, the existing Needs & Interests page in the CCCApply Standard (and Noncredit) Applications will be 

Process to Opt Out:  Removal of the Needs & Interests Page in CCCApply