Release 5.3.0: 12.04.15

Release Date

Friday, December 4, 2015

Release Scope


Accessibility Release

Response to State Audit. Accessibility Release 5.3.0

OpenCCC Content

Display the CCCID in the Header of All Application Pages
Other OpenCCC Bug Fixes5.3-openccc-bugs

CCCApply Standard

Null Values for Gender (and other) Fields in Downloads
Other CCCApply Bug Fixes

BOG Fee Waiver2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application Release
Other BOG Bug Fixes


Release Notes Summary

Accessibility Release

A summary of all accessibility changes is posted here:  Accessibility Release 5.3.0



CCCApply Bugs

NULL Value for Gender Field in Downloads

What's was happening:
Certain fields, such as the Gender field <gender>, that include a value of Null were not being stored and returned properly through the Download Client.  They were storing and returning an empty string value "" or a blank string " ".  

Expected behavior:
If the student skips the <gender> field question, the application should store and return _null_in the download file. As per the Data Dictionary/specification when a student does not interact with the Gender question. Per federal law - Office of Civil Rights - we cannot require that a student identify themselves with a specific gender; therefore this question cannot be a "required" question on the application.

Current behavior:
We corrected the application DB to store a Null value for Gender field <gender> and ensured the null value is correctly transferred to the Download Client.

Below are the four response values that should be stored and returned per the CCCApply Data Dictionary: 
M - Male
F - Female
X - Decline to State
Null - no response

Other CCCApply Bugs

  • Edit Account page is rendering with no styling

  • SSN Nattering Modal: 'exceptions' link will not open

  • Tab Indicators do not persist when 'Incomplete'

  • Error occurs when attempting to reset password

  • Recover Account: User is prevented from changing Hover Help to Spanish

  • Fix AB620 encryption

  • Scripts for null-ing out old ssn hash values.

  • Remove HTTPS warning in apply uPortal from logs

  • Update Account Country Listings for Multiple Country Codes



OpenCCC Content

Display CCCID in the Header of OpenCCC My Account and My Applications Pages

To provide students with an easy way to identify their CCCID (OpenCCC Student Account Identification Number), the user's CCCID was placed in the header of the user's My Applications page and the OpenCCC My Account page.  Since the CCCID cannot be edited by the user, this will not affect performance.

OpenCCC Bugs

  • Recover Account: Fixed issue where User is prevented from changing Hover Help to Spanish

  • Create new sym keys to replace expired keys

  • Fixed error occurring when attempting to reset password

  • Change Code from Reset Password to Recover Account

  • No client side validation for spaces in username



BOG Fee Waiver Content

2016-2017 Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) Application

The 2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver application was released to the production server on January 1, 2016.  There were no text changes to the application this year; however, the Method B Income Table was updated to include the new 2016-2017 incremental baseline for dependents.  

BOG Bugs

  • Missing Checkbox for USPS Override
  • Extend the Length of BOG Academic Year Field Onscreen

  • Add flag option to BOG to turn off "validate year"

  • Remove debug statement containing sensitive data

  • Session Time not logging user out of BOG

  • Make Improvements to jgroups Memory to Avoid Memory Leaks