2018-24E: Enhance Major Category Filter for Noncredit Categories

Request No. 2018-24E
Date of Request October 22, 2018
RequesterWorkgroup / Steering Committee 
Application(s)Standard Non-Credit Path 
Section / Page

Enrollment Page:  Major Category Filter 

Steering Hearing DateDECLINED (Major Category is not in Noncredit App for v.1.0)
Change to Download File N/A
Change to Residency LogicN/A 

Problem / Issue

Update 6.01.19:  Declined for FY19/20.  Pilot project colleges determine this is not needed for the Noncredit path at this time. If that changes we can revisit this request.) 

In order to make the Non-Credit Application beneficial to colleges, we need to also enhance the "Intended Major or Program of Study" field so that colleges can display only the programs/courses that pertain to Non-Credit students.  

To do this, a tag or identifier needs to be added to the "Intended Major or Program of Study" data values so that they ONLY display in the Non-Credit Application. 

Phase 2 enhancement to the Standard Non-Credit Application project is to configure the Major Category Filter in CAP (CCCApply Administrator) to allow colleges to identify categories that are unique to the Non-Credit App workflow - that would only display in the Non-Credit App - and would filter the "Intended Major/Programs of Study" field based on the major category displayed (this functionality is in place now and wouldn't change).

Proposed Solution

Configure the Major Category Filter in CAP to identify/tag categories that only display on the Non-Credit Application work path. 

These categories should be able to be displayed on both Standard (credit) or Non-Credit paths, but should be able to be unique to the Non-Credit Application (which means, only show up on the NC application). Such as a checkbox or toggle in CAP Majors module that indicates if the Category is ONLY for the Non-Credit Application. 

This will allow colleges to benefit from special categories of programs unique to non-credit students.

Additional Information / Use Cases

Here's a scenario where this enhancement would be used:

Colleges have "Programs of Study" or Programs of Courses that are specifically for Non-Credit students (no credit is received for these college preparatory courses, etc.).  These could be added to the full list of "Intended Majors or Programs of Study" (aka Majors) that the college sets up in the Administrator.  
But then in the "Major Category" function, they create special categories for non-credit programs which would be linked to these programs/courses.


This story is separate from the primary Non-Credit App Wrokflow story which is priority for the 6.4.0 release (Feb or Mar 2019).  If there is time and bandwidth to do both for that release we will - otherwise it will be prioritized to a future release.

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