Release 5.2.2: 08.01.15

Release Date

Friday, August 1, 2015

Release Scope

(All Applications) 
System Bug Fix: Resuming In-Progress Applications After Releases

Release Summary

Bug Fix: Resuming In-Progress Applications After a Release or Update

On Friday, August 1, the OpenCCCApply system was updated to address an issue reported by several students regarding their inability to Resume an application following the 7.17.15 system update.  A "zero downtime" fix was performed at 5:00 PM PST and no further related issues have been reported.

Issue summary:  The Tech Center quickly identified that the system was incorrectly handling data in in-progress applications that contained supplemental questions during any kind of application update or release. Students that had started an application prior to the 7.17.15 update found they could not resume or submit their application after the release and were forced to delete and start a new application. The fix was successful. Now, following any system update or release, students can successfully resume and submit an in-progress application (from their My Applications page) without error.

Technical summary:

A bug was found where the streaming format for byte data has been changed between postgres 8 and postgres 9. Need to upgrade the jdbc drivers to versions designed for postgres 9. Also, since postgres 9 now uses a new "escaped bytea" format for byte data, we can no longer rely on the automatic Spring conversion from byte data to a String. Need to manually read the byte stream and convert it to a String.