Release 4.7.1: Approved Change Requests Specifications

2014-27:  New Table of VISA Types (Table F)

Problem / Issue

  • Existing table of VISA types (Table F) used for establishing residency is out of compliance with state and federal regulations.  All changes approved by CCCCO (Elias Regalado).  Other needed changes were identified by CCCApply Steering Committee.  
  • Per federal regulations AB8133 - two Visa types (“T” and “U”) are now eligible for benefits of AB540 (See CR# 2014-44).

Solution Specifications

1)   Revise Table of VISA Types (Table F) as itemized below.

  1. Change [GB] and [GT] from yes to NO.
  2. Change [H1], [H1A], [H1C] from yes to NO.
    1.  Add note on [H1A], [H1C]: (Note: This VISA type no longer exists. Per CCCCO, leave in list for historical reasons; eligibility = NO.) 
  3. Change [H1B1] from yes to NO.
  4. Keep [H4] at YES – so it continues to triggers flag 51. Update [H4] description to read:  
    H-4 Spouse or child of H-1, H-2, H-3 (parent/spouse visa type determines whether holder may or may not establish residency). YES if  parent or spouse has a H1A, H1B or H1C.  Valid dates required for H4 only.  Requires documentation.  Yes, if parent or spouse has/had H1A or H1C.  Valid dates for H4 only.
  5. Visa type [O3] = YES.  Update the description to read: 
    O3 =Yes – Spouse and/or child of O-1 only  Type 0-2_is not eligible. Yes if  parent or spouse has a O-1 only.  Valid dates required for O-3 only.
  6. Remove type [X] from the Table. Not a valid Visa type.
  7. Changed [Other] from yes to NO: Set Flag 51.

See revised Table of VISA Types (Table F).

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2014-44:  Revised AB540 Logic for New Eligible Visa Types


  • New legislature (AB1899 – Mitchell.) Two non-immigrant visas are now eligible for AB540, T and U per AB1899 – Mitchell. Section 54045.5 of Title 5 was amended to include T and U visas as eligible. Effective immediately. 


  1. Change the AB540 logic to include visa types that begin with “T” or “U” as eligible for AB540 benefits.
    1. Replace the existing logic in Step C to the following:

      AND the “Visa Type is null” OR “Visa Type is T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5”.

Revised AB540 Algorithm

AB540 Waiver Algorithm (Revised 12-5-14)

After the Preliminary Residency Determination is set, the AB540 Eligibility Flag is set according to the following logic:

  1. The response to both of the following questions on the Education Page is “Yes”:
    1. “I have graduated from a California high school or have attained the equivalent thereof, such as a High School Equivalency Certificate, issued by the California State GED Office or a Certificate of Proficiency, resulting from the California High School Proficiency Examination.” 
    2. “I have attended high school in California for three or more years.”
  2. AND the Preliminary Residency Determination is NOT “1 (Resident)”
  3. AND the “Visa Type is null” OR “Visa Type is T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5”.
  4. THEN the AB540 Eligibility flag is “Yes”; otherwise it is “No”.

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2014-34:  New Data Field & Question: Military Stationed in California for Education Purposes for 30 Days or More


  • Per federal law, current military members assigned to California for educational purposes are eligible for residency consideration if their assignment is for a period of 30 days or more.   
  • Note:  This question was removed from the CCCApply application in 2010; based on a review of Legal Opinion 10-05.  However, after a review by the Chancellor’s office, Legal Opinion 10-05 clearly determines that federal law trumps state law in this case, if the current military member has been assigned for 30 days or more.  Therefore, a request was made to add the question back into the application, with a new flag to verify dates of assignment.

Solution Specification:

  1. Add new question and download field to Military section; appears conditionally below Stationed in CA.
    1. New data element:  [residency: military_ca_stationed_ed]   Yes  [radio button]      No  [radio button]
    2. New Question text:  
      Currently Active Military: “Is your assignment in California for educational purposes for 30 days or more?
      Spouse/parent/dependent: “Is the military member's assignment in California for educational purposes for 30 days or more?
      1. Conditions:  Appears only if the response to [Currently stationed in California] is Yes; else no.
      2. Required response if “Currently Stationed in California = Yes; else error message, “You must specify whether you (or your spouse/ parent/dependent) is stationed in California for educational purposes for 30 days or more.  Add new Integrity Flag 65 - 
    3. New hover help for both Currently Active Military & Dependent/Spouse/Child:  “Is the currently active military member (or spouse/parent/dependent) stationed in California is for educational purposes for 30 days or more?
  2. Update Residency Area C logic & Flowchart with new question, logic and integrity flag 65.
    1. If answer to question is YES; set flag 65
    2. Insert new (Step 5) to Residency Area C  and move other steps down one step, but maintain logic.  
      1. If (military_stationed_ca_ed = YES), THEN Class C1, Set Flag 65, Go to Step 6
    3. move other steps down one step – but maintain logic.
  3. Add new Integrity Flag 65 to Residency Integrity Flags Table as shown below:


U.S. military member or dependent/ spouse/child of military member stationed in California for educational purposes only. 
Verify that dates of assignment are for 30 days or more.

See Residency Area C logic

New field military_stationed_ca_ed is available to add to your download file. 


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2014-10:  Revise Residency Logic to Compare VISA Expiration Date to RDD


  • When asking the question “Is the student’s visa/alien registration active?”, the Area A residency logic is comparing the VISA expiration date to the current date (alien_reg_expire_date > current_date). This should be changed so the logic compares the Visa expiration date to the <RDD> Residency Determination Date (the day before the start of the Term). 

Solution Specifications:

1)      Change the logic in Area A (step 2) to compare a Visa Expiration Date to the Residency Determination Date, as shown below: 


Is the student’s visa/alien registration active?

alien_reg_no_expire = 1  OR

alien_reg_expire_date > RDD

Go to step 3

Class A0

**Note: The table above is an excerpt of the Area A residency step-by-step logic showing only Step 2 in that logic.

See OpenCCCApply Submission Calculations (v.71) for complete Area A residency logic.


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2014-24:  Revise “Enrollment Status / Entry Level Status” Question Text   

Problem Statement/Summary:

  • Per some colleges, a growing number of high school seniors who are applying to college for the first time, are not selecting the correct response to the Entry Level and High School Education Level questions because they are overlooking, or not fully understanding, the question, “what will your status be at the start of the term* you are applying for?”    *<RDD> or July 1/RDDyear – if the date falls in May or June of RDD/year.
  • Consequently, if they select “Enrolling in high school and college at the same time” or “will be enrolled in high school and college at the same time” they are coded incorrectly (initially) and then must complete a special form to be re-coded as a High School Graduate (or equivalent) <SB11>.
  • Per Mitch, the majority of applicants have no idea what the <RDD> is, nor its significance to residency, enrollment, or status coding.  Clear and careful language is needed throughout the application to help applicants clearly understand the difference between today’s date (the date they are applying) and the <RDD> (the date that is used to determine residency, status, and enrollment).  The sub-committee recommends:

Solutions Specs:

  1. Revise language for Entry Level (Enrollment Status) question which currently asks the applicant to select a response based on a specific date in the future <RDD>.
    1. Change the Question label from “Entry Level” to “College Enrollment Status”
    2. Change prompt text to:  "As of <RDD>, I will have the following college enrollment status"
    3. Change the hover help to: "“Select the response that best indicates your college enrollment status on <RDD>"
    4. Change error messaging to correspond with new language.


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