OpenCCCApply Roadmap: 2018-2019

Archived 2/20/24: Information on this page may no longer be current.

2018 Annual Update

The roadmap below summarizes development priorities and commitments for CCCApply Applications (Apply, Promise Grant (BOG), and International + ancillary systems and priority projects) through post-release activities for the 2018 Annual release.

Additional information is included related to:

  • OpenCCC Account 

  • CCC Administration Project / CAP 

  • MyPath Integration

  • SSO Proxy

Nov2017DecJan2018FebMarAprMayJunJulJan 19 Proxy Upgrade 1.8.0Jan 12 CCPG v. 15 Admin June 15 Admin 6.2.0 ProdMar 31 Admin Prod 1.0
Promise Grant
CAP 1.0

SPAM Filter Back-end


Re-skin All CCCApply Apps

CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Integration

6.1.2 Promise Grant Re-Branding

Security Updates

Spam Config Hotfix Release 6.1.3

Admin IdP Shib Upgrade 3.3.2

6.1.2: Re-Branding BOG Release

2018-2019 BOG (CCPG) Code

Re-skin Promise Grant App (BOG)

P1: CCPG MyPath Integration

Auto-Pop CCPG

P2: CCPG MyPath Integration

CCCApply CAP 2.0

CANVAS Pilot - CAP 1.0

CAP Architecture Review


CANVAS - Prod Release

Release 1.8.0 Upgrade

CAP 1.0 Integration Activities