2017-25: College Education Level Values Don't Align to College Degrees Obtained Values

Request No. 2017-25
Date of Request04-01-17 
RequesterOlivia Alvarado
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Steering Hearing Date 
Proposed Change to Download FileTBD 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Problem / Issue

 This is a problem that's been identified by developers but now two colleges have reported it.  The values and HE levels appearing in "College Education Level" don't align with the degrees obtained values in Colleges Attended section - yet there's validation identifying an inconsistency.  Need to either fix the values to align or remove the validation until CCCApply 3.0 can revisit and correct these issues permanently and accurately.

Below was submitted by Olivia Alvarado, LACCD, i n the Support Site:
"LA Pierce College is testing the international application and found that an applicant who obtained a certificate at one of our sister colleges is not able to select the following combination of answers in the 'college_edu_level' and 'col1_degree_obtained' questions.  Below is a screenshot of the message that displays.  How would an international applicant provide this information in the application?

X = No Degree

C = Certificate

Proposed Solution

 Patty to research issue and propose low complexity solution until 3.0.



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