2017-16: Add Response Option to HS Ed Level for US High Schools in a Foreign Country

Request No.2017-16 
Date of Request 02.18.17
RequesterCCCCO - Staff Support 
Section / Page

Education - HS Education Level 

Steering ApprovalApproved / Deferred to CCCApply 3.0
Steering Hearing DateApril 26, 2017
Proposed Change to Download FileTBD
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Problem / Issue

Michael Q. forwarded a request for review of an issue received at the CCCCO Staff Support Helpdesk (from a student or parent).  The issues refers to the lack of valid response option in the HS Ed Level field in the Education table.



M. Marshall




Error on CCCApply application form


I just wanted to bring an error to your attention: The application form won't let a person select that they received a diploma from a U.S. high school if they attended high school in a foreign country. But there are a number of U.S. high schools operating in foreign countries -- Department of Defense schools and Embassy Schools, for example. I graduated from the American Embassy School in London, UK, which is a U.S. school, but the application required me to say that I attended a foreign secondary school instead.


Proposed Solution

This request was reviewed briefly by Steering in April (post-CACCRAO meeting) but a decision was not made due to time constraints. It was then sent out to the committee for review and approval by email/survey. 

Review current logic (done)

A student who attends a U.S. high school in another country (such as DoD schools or American Embassy schools) needs to be able to enter their high school information without being forced to say they graduated from a Foreign Secondary School (as option #6 hs_edu_level) or get an error message.

This use case should be able to respond as follows:

Enrollment Status = Any

High School Ed Level = 

3 = Received high school diploma from U.S. school
4 = Passed a high school equivalency test and received a certificate of high school equivalency
5 = Received a Certificate of California High School Proficiency
6 = Received a diploma/certificate of graduation from a Foreign secondary school
1 = Will be enrolled in high school (or lower grade) and college at the same time
2 = Currently enrolled in adult school
0 = Not a graduate of, and no longer enrolled in high school


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