2016-02: Add "Mobile/Cell Phone" to the Phone Number Field Response Values

Request No.2016-02
Date of Request12.10.15
RequesterCoastline College
Application(s)OpenCCC Account
Section / Page


Steering Approval StatusDeferred to CCCApply 3.0
OpenCCC Revision 
Steering Hearing Date3.13.16
Proposed Change to Download FileTBD
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A

Problem / Issue

My supervisor has asked if it is possible to change the label of the phone fields on the application. They would like to specify cell phone for one of the field

Proposed Solution

This specific request is being deferred to the portlet design - the request was made to redesign the Phone number fields to include drop down menus - make it one Phone field - drop down - and then a checkbox to Add another phone field. The layout would like "Phone" with a dropdown to select the Type (cell, work, home, TTY (any others)? and then a text box for the number. This would not be developed until the Portlet design is discussed in June. Revise this request, get back to the requester to suggest using a supplemental question for now, and then rewrite the ticket/change request.


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