Getting to the New CCCApply Administrator 2.0

To prevent losing access to your CCCApply admin configuration data and user account during the Fall 2018 critical enrollment period - validating your login to the Pilot Administrator is imperative. Find out what else is required for a successful migration, here. 

New URLs for the Administrators

Getting to the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 requires colleges to go through the new CCC Administrator (CAP) system first; meaning colleges will use a new custom URL to get to their CCCApply admin management. 

The new link is based on your college or district identity provider service in order to authenticate authorized faculty and staff users into the system. There will be two new links in all: one to the Pilot Administrator and one to the Production (live) Administrator system.  

The new URLs will replace your existing links to the current (legacy) CCCApply Administrator systems and will drop users onto the new CCC Administrator landing page.

There is no longer a direct link to the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 tool.  

    • New Landing Page:  The home page of the CCC Administrator is now the central “landing page” for all users.  From there, users must select the administrator tool they seek to manage via the Applications menu on the CAP homepage.
    • New “Applications” Menu:  To access the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 (or any other integrated administrator tool from the core administrator platform), users must select the “CCCApply Administrator” option from the “Applications menu on the homepage.

SSO Proxy Integration Requirement: Invisible to the user, both Administrators are now behind the SSO proxy. 

Launching the CCCApply Administrator 2.0

    • All integrated admin applications* launch from the “Applications” menu in the core CCC Administrator.

    • In this first release (CAP 1.0), CCCApply and Canvas College Adaptor admin tools are the only tools accessible from the CCC Administrator. As more CCCTC admin applications are developed and integrated with CAP, they will launch from this core system AND leverage the same SSO, authorizations, and System Administrator (to define their own application-specific roles and permissions).

    • The CCC Report Center will not be launched from CAP in the first release; however it will be added in the next release.