Canvas Data 2 FAQ's

Q. How do I get started?

A. Reach out to your College Experience Manager ( and they will walk you through the steps to have your Canvas data loaded to your instance of the CCC Data Warehouse. 

Q. Can college Researchers access their college's Canvas data in the CCC Data Warehouse?

A. Yes! 

  • For single-college districts and multi-college districts (with Canvas implemented at the root level for each college), segmentation will instantly be available upon migration of Canvas data so that College Researchers can access the data associated with their college. 

  • For colleges at multi-college districts (with Canvas implemented at the district at the root level and their colleges configured as sub-accounts), an extra step is required. When requesting your Canvas data be added to the DW, let your College Experience Manager know that you would like the Canvas data to be segmented for the college within the district and they will have this configured. 

Q. Who can access Canvas data in the CCC Data Warehouse?

A. Canvas data is segmented in the CCC Data Warehouse for access by the Institutional Research department. All data in the DW is also made available to authorized account holders at the CCC Chancellor's Office.

Q. Which Canvas data elements are supported?

A. Instructure provides the following links documenting the schema:

Q. Does Canvas Data 2 include Learning Outcomes data?

A.Yes. The Canvas data made available through Canvas Data 2 includes learning outcomes data.

Q. How do I access Canvas data in the Data Warehouse?

A. This is addressed in the Direct Access User Guide.