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The following goals pertain to the exercises and testing steps included in the 2018 CCCApply Administrator Upgrade process only.

  • Validate that you can get to the Majors module in the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 with your new college URL and existing user account

  • Verify that your college Majors data has been migrated correctly to the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0 system (Pilot) and that all new Admin 2.0 Administrator Majors functionality is behaving as expected for the CCCApply Standard & International Applications, if applicable. NOTE: This pertains to the migration activities required as part of the 2018 Administrator Upgrade

  • Verify that your college’s Admin 1.0 Majors are displaying in alphabetical order in the “Intended Major or Program of Study” menu on the Enrollment page of the CCCApply Standard Application, and that after your major categories have been added display in alphabetical order in the new Major Category menu on the Enrollment page of the CCCApply & International Applications, if applicable;


Section One: Verify Major Module Access