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OpenCCC/Apply v.6.14.1 deployment schedule:

  • To pilot environment: January 10, 2024

  • To production environment: January 18, 2024


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Table of Contents

Release Scope

  • Integration of the multi-account creation feature in the OpenCCC Administrator tool

  • Bug Fixes

Release Summary

This release features a multi account creation enhancement to the existing OpenCCC Administrator tool which will enable colleges to create multiple accounts using a simple upload process without the risk of adding duplicate account (CCCIDs) to the system.

Development Background

In early 2023 the CCC Technology Center deployed an enhancement to the CCCApply Administrator that allows authorized staff to create an OpenCCC student account and submit a CCCApply application on behalf of an incarcerated student who is unable to do so themselves. Initially the tool was intended for single account creation use (one account at a time); however due to growing systemwide need to ensure every student has a lifelong CCC student identifier (CCCID), the account creation admin tool has been enhanced to support multi account creation.

The OpenCCC Administrator Tool

To support the recent systemwide mandate requiring every student currently enrolled in a California Community College have a California Community Colleges ID (CCCID) for tracking and reporting purposes, a new OpenCCC Administrator system is developed that will allow authorized college staff to create one or more OpenCCC accounts (CCCID) on behalf of students that are unable to create one themselves.


Although approximately 80% of CCC students currently have a CCCID, students who enroll outside of the online systemwide application (i.e., CCCApply) are more likely to not have a CCCID in their local college’s Student Information System (SIS). The objective for the new account creation tool is to provide our colleges and institutions with a simple and efficient process that will ensure every student has a lifelong CCC systemwide account and student identifier.

Read more about the development of the OpenCCC Administrator Tool.

How It Works

OpenCCC student accounts are typically created by the student using their unique, personal email address and verified through a two-factor authentication process (2FA) in order to validate and secure their identity information. 

However, in the special cases where the student is unable to complete this process on their own, an authorized staff may now create and validate an account with temporary credentials on their behalf that can be reclaimed by the student at a later date.  This process, although seemingly simple, may require the college to implement new practices and security processes for storing and handling student data.


Read more about How It Worksinclude use cases and more.

  • Single Account Creation allows authorized staff to create a single OpenCCC account and generate a CCCID on behalf of a student who may be unable to complete the CCCApply application process.

  • Multi Account Creation (Coming January 2024) will allow allows the upload of a multiple student information in order to 1) generate new accounts/CCCIDs if needed; and/or 2) identify if a duplicate account already exists in the system. Staff can then update their SIS systems as needed for MIS and other reporting purposes.


How it Works: Reclaiming Ownership of An Account

Once an account is created on behalf of a student, the student will be able to take ownership of that account at any time. Using the temporary credentials used by the Institution to create the account, the student will can sign in to OpenCCC or CCCApply, update their email address in their OpenCCC Account Profile, and then complete the password reset/verification process again using their now accurate updated information. For details on reclaiming ownership of an account, see the OpenCCC Account Creation Tool guide.


For more information about the OpenCCC Account Creation Tool, please contact your College Experience Manager at Individual requests for access must be approved by a district-level administrator.

Best Practices & Recommendations

To support the complex effort of creating student accounts, and in some cases submitting an application for a student by proxy, a series of Best Practices College Preparation & Recommendations have been provided is available to guide the college through the OpenCCC account creation process, the sign-in process, and managing and securing student data safely , for the different each use cases. 

College Implementation

Officially, the new account creation tool, known as the OpenCCC Administrator, is integrated with the CCC Administrator, the same system that houses the CCCApply Administrator. Access to the OpenCCC Administrator requires the same role-based authorized staff account in place for the CCCApply Administrator.  Authorized staff will need an established CCCApply Administrator account in order to access the account creation administrator.


To gain access to the new OpenCCC Account Creation tool, please reach out to your College Experience Manager @ Individual requests for access must be approved by a college administrator.

Pilot Testing: Request to Participate

Pilot testing will be announced on Participants must be District-level staff or administrators. For more information, please contact your College Experience Manager (CEM).

Staff Support

The OpenCCC Helpdesk will continue to provide student support, and as usual, the College Support Services team will respond to staff support requests.


FAQs and support materials are currently being created to support this new integration. In addition, data dictionaries and crosswalks will be updated to coincide with this release.