What's the Difference Between the New Administrators?

The CCCApply Administrator 2.0 is an upgrade version to the existing admin tool currently in use by all California Community Colleges using the student-facing CCCApply applications. The majority of the development is feature parity, which means the modules and components were simply reworked in new, more modern technology in order to work better, look better, and fix long-standing bugs in the original Php-based code. All the existing feature functionality has been carried over to the new tool - in addition to a handful of new features.

What is the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0?

CCCApply Administrator 2.0 is an upgraded version of the existing CCCApply Administrator tool currently in use by 110 California Community Colleges across the system. The majority of the development is feature parity, which means that the existing modules and utilities were simply reworked in java-based, spring boot technology in order to work better, look better, and fix long-standing bugs in the original Php-based code. All the original functionality has been carried over to the new tool - in addition to a handful of new features.

What is the purpose of the upgrade?

The primary objectives for the new product is twofold: 1) replace the existing, outdated and unsupported, PHP-based legacy Administrator system with a user-friendly, java-based, spring boot web application and new architectural framework, designed to adapt and scale as additional CCCApply applications, utilities, and connected web services are added  to the system over the next several years; and 2) implement a new, centralized administrator system - called the CCC Administrator - which delivers SSO-based authentication, flexible application-specific user authorization, and shared identity and access management services for all CCC Technology Center admin applications via one single-point-of-entry for all CCC college and district users.

See Introduction to the CCC Administrator for more information.

What is the difference between the two Administrators?

The CCC Administrator does not manage admin data or settings for any specific application, but does serve at the gateway to all admin systems across the CCC Technology Center. Starting with this initial product launch, the tool’s purpose is to serve as the single point-of-entry (one URL for all tools and services), as well as to manage user identity and access management for all integrated administrator systems, including the CCCApply Administrator 2.0, CCC Report Center, and the new Canvas Web App (the new admin configuration tool for colleges who have implemented the College Adapter (Glue 2.5) for Canvas LMS). With one user account, authorized college and district users can leverage single sign-on to access all admin services, minimizing the need to maintain multiple user credentials and disparate application URLs.

The CCCApply Administrator 2.0 - though the name is very similar and should not be confused with the central core admin system - provides admin configuration and custom data settings for the CCCApply Standard, International, and CC Promise Grant (BOG) applications only.

What has changed between CCCApply Admin 1.0 and Admin 2.0?

The most significant change between the current CCCApply Administrator (also known as Admin 1.0) and the new 2.0 system is the addition of the new centralized CCC Administrator service which now sits in front of it - and must be passed through - in order to facilitate SSO-based authentication and uniform user experience.

As mentioned above and throughout related documentation, users can no longer access the CCCApply Administrator directly, and all users will first navigate to the CCC Administrator as the single point-of-entry and launch the CCCApply admin tool from there.

User and access management, include creating and managing user accounts for CCCApply administrator access as well as the CCC Report Center, has moved from within the CCCApply Administrator to the central core admin system (CCC Administrator).

User Management Moved to CCC Administrator
User management, previously maintained in the CCCApply Administrator, has moved to the new central core admin system, the CCC Administrator.

All existing CCCApply user accounts are being migrated over to the new system with the “Basic User” role which will still allow full access to their application data (terms, majors, rules, messages, supplemental questions, and other college information.) The “Add User” role is being redefined to allow other admin services to leverage similar authorization in their systems.

With the new centralized CCC Administrator, college and district users now only have to maintain one URL and one set of login credentials for all their authorized admin systems. Once logged in, users can launch and navigate to multiple admin applications in a single session, including the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0, and the Canvas Web App.

New CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Features

Though 90% of the feature functionality in the new Admin 2.0 application will not change in the new upgrade, several new features were implemented and are limited to:

  1. Majors Category Filter: A new “Major Category” filter has been built into the Majors module for categorizing and enhanced filtering of the display of your college Majors in the Standard and International applications;

  2. Spam Filter Web Service & User Interface: A new spam filter web service and user interface has been developed and added to the CCCApply post-submission application service to prevent fraudulent applications from making it through to the college downloads via CCCApply. See Spam Filter Web Service for more information.

Who will be affected by the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0? How?

At this time in the OpenCCCApply adoption cycle,  110 colleges have already implemented OpenCCC and the Standard Application, including custom admin configuration of their data settings in the current (legacy) Administrator.