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Project SuperGlue is the integrations framework for products of the California Community Colleges and combines several technologies - application integration, service orchestration, api management, data integration, data quality coupled with federated master data management, and others.  These technologies mostly leverage existing open source technology or cloud services from AWS except in two important areas - ERP/SIS integration supporting the three major Student Information Systems in use by colleges in the California Community College system and federated master data management.  Both of these were either developed or co-developed by the software engineers at the California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC) .

A comprehensive overview of Project SuperGlue is provided in An Introduction to Project SuperGlue (Aug. 2020)

Colleges interested in using the SuperGlue College Adapter to receive data or integrate their SIS with MyPath can contact their CCCTC Enabling Services College Relationship Manager (CRM) at

SuperGlue Introduction [Video]


Glue for Apply

SuperGlue’s Glue for Apply feature delivers student application data directly to the College’s SIS via the SuperGlue College Adapter. This includes the following CCCApply applications:

  • Standard Application

  • International Application

  • California Promise Application

  • Non-Credit Application

Glue for Apply delivers the full dataset for each of these applications directly to colleges on average within seconds of the student submitting them. For a complete listing of the data delivered per application type, links to the CCCApply data dictionaries are below.

See Glue for CCCApply 6.7.0 for information on the latest enhancements to the Glue for Apply datasets!

Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS)

SuperGlue’s College Adapter supports the CCCTC MMPS feature by delivering verified student transcript placements and/or self-reported transcript placements directly to the college SIS.

Master Data Management (MDM)

SuperGlue’s MDM component allows data tracking and data notifications to be generated when data is changed across integrated systems. MDM also includes a data management piece that, if enabled, allows institutions to control what integrated systems are granted access to specific data elements.

Developer and Third-Party Superglue Documentation

SuperGlue is currently in the process of providing open source access to its College Adapter services through the Apereo Foundation.

In preparation for this, SuperGlue’s developer and third-party documentation has been listed on the Developer and Third-Party SuperGlue Documentation page; however, access to this page is restricted by the CCCTC.

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