How to prepare for your trip

If you don’t know how to prepare for the trip, and it’s just around the corner, then our 10 tips will definitely help you understand how to do everything without stress and unnecessary worries.

When there is a plan for preparing for the trip, no unexpected circumstances will prevent you from enjoying the trip!

1. Know the rules

Visa rules also vary depending on the destination. Make sure you know the rules for staying in the country, that you have the right visa, and that you know what vaccinations you need to get to travel safely (if any).

2. Stay Connected

Probably everyone has been in this situation. You know, when your phone is already at four percent and you start frantically texting faster and faster to get something important to say before your phone dies in your arms.

To avoid this situation, take a charger with you. And so that you can charge your device anywhere in the world, do not forget to buy an adapter.

3. Get directions

If you are traveling with an iOS or Android device, you no longer need to be afraid of getting lost in an unfamiliar city. That's because Google allowed you to save maps offline so you can use them without an internet connection (say goodbye to huge roaming bills).

You can save up to six cards at a time. If you already know your approximate itinerary, download the maps before you set off.

4. Use local communication

If you plan to stay in a country longer than 2 weeks, buy a local SIM card. This will allow you to stay in touch with local friends, call a taxi and use the Internet without worrying about WiFi and roaming bills.

5. Explore the area

Almost all cities, even the smallest ones, have a website with a list of events for the coming months. Local variations of the site Let's go! will also be a great resource. And feel free to ask friends or friends of friends about places of interest.

And, of course, how to prepare for a trip without a guide?! It will definitely come in handy - take it with you on the road.

6. Start making contacts

If you are going to travel alone, start looking for contacts and friends before you leave. Let as many people as possible know about your itinerary by starting a travel blog (Tumblr is a good choice as you can put your geolocation there).

Get to know the locals through social media. They will be able to show you interesting places that are not in the guidebooks, and brighten up the evening with a cup of coffee.

7. Find, shoot, save, show

Every new city, every swimming pool, every cup of morning cappuccino and every historical monument will be an occasion to fill the Instagram feed.

But if you are taking pictures with a camera and not a phone, then use another option. Upload them to your blog or create an online photo gallery with Flickr or Snugmug.