Should I rent a car in Dubai?


  1. Renting a car is an opportunity to gain complete freedom of movement in Dubai. You can visit the places you like at any time and make stops at your own discretion. You can independently plan all your excursions according to a convenient schedule, and not adapt to other people.

  2. There are a huge number of places worth visiting in the Emirates, and it will be much easier to do this with a rented car. In addition, many travel agencies impose unnecessary services on their customers, and they also devote too little time to visiting important sights.

  3. Prices for excursions cannot be called low, so it is much more profitable to rent a car and visit tourist places on your own.

  4. The cost of car rental in the Emirates is quite reasonable. You should also remember that gasoline in the UAE is very cheap.

  5. Even inexperienced drivers will have no problem getting around Dubai, as there are ideal roads everywhere and a well-developed driving culture.

  6. Local traffic rules are intuitive. Driving here is easy and safe.

  7. The crime situation in the country is very low, so you can not be afraid to leave the car unattended.

  8. Car rentals in the UAE are in excellent condition, most of them are brand new.

  9. Most of the local hotels offer free parking spaces for their guests. There are free parking lots in the city itself.If the speed was exceeded by less than 20 km per hour, there will be no fine. The minimum fine for this offense is from 400 to 600 dirhams (up to $165). You should not try yourself as a racer, as the cameras are placed literally everywhere, and retribution for breaking the speed limit will definitely follow.

  10. The fastest lane is the leftmost lane, so it is better to drive at an average speed in the lane located to the right.

  11. The speed limit in the settlements of the UAE is 60 km/h, on the autobahns – a maximum of 120 km/h.

  12. Drunk driving will result in deportation from the country, and imprisonment may also follow.

  13. For small children, a car seat must be installed in the car (this service is provided by car rental offices).

  14. At intersections in Dubai, traffic is carried out along the ring, and drivers who at that moment are right on the roundabout will have an advantage.

  15. If you are stopped by a policeman, in no case should you offer him a bribe - such actions will entail criminal are only 2 such roads near Dubai:

  • Al-Garhu Bridge across the Dubai Creek - it divides the metropolis into two parts, you have to pay 1 euro to travel on it in a car;

  • Sheikh Zayed Highway - this road has a length of 55 km, it is the main transport artery of the city, travel on it by car will cost 1 euro.

To collect fares in the UAE, a special automated system "Salik" is used. It is not possible to charge more than 6 euros per day from one car.

Parking in Dubai

Like all over the world, parking in Dubai is paid and free. It is worth noting that there are much fewer free parking lots, and they are located mainly near hotels. As for paid parking, they are everywhere. To pay for the service, you just need to use a special machine. The cost of 1 hour of parking is approximately 2 euros. In order not to get a large fine, you should strictly observe the parking time indicated on the parking ticket. The city has parking lots that are free for a limited period of time - for example, from 13 to 16 hours. If the area is densely built up, there will be no fine for parking on the sidewalk.