Advantages of opening a company in the UAE: the opinion of an expert from Dynasty Business Adviser

The United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for  entrepreneurs. What is attractive business in this state? Learn more about ajman offshore business setup at

Good reputation of offshore companies

It is possible to register an offshore company in the UAE. Thus, it is possible to reduce the tax burden, because the profit received is not subject to taxes and other fees.

An offshore company opened in the UAE will have a good reputation. It will not embarrass anyone in the business world. 

Dynasty Business Adviser is a consulting firm that assists in starting a business in the UAE. Minimal participation is required from the client - just contact the experts. They will provide comprehensive information support, help you find the best solution for your business and take on most of the work of registering a company.

Free economic zones

On the territory of the Emirates there are Free Economic Zones (FEZ) - these are administrative units that were specially created to attract foreign investment. On their territory, non-residents can do business without involving local partners, which is not only profitable, but also safe. The most attractive conditions have been created for entrepreneurs:

  • Tax exemption.

  • No customs fees or duties.

  • Developed infrastructure.

  • Possibility of capital repatriation.

What is important, opening a company in the FEZ is quite simple, it takes about a month. A businessman needs to obtain a license to carry out activities. This may be a trade, service, industrial and other license - it depends on the SEZ.

Geographical position

The Emirates attract with a favorable geographical position. The state is located in the very center of the intersection of western and eastern, European and Asian trade routes. This allows you to organize international trade using sea or air transport at minimal cost.

Various activities

The  advantages of opening a company in the UAE  do not end there. These include a large number of promising industries in which you can start doing business. One of the most attractive is the retail sector. It is developing at a rapid pace. In 2021, its total value was about $71 billion, and the average annual growth is 4.9%.

Tourism is also an attractive business area. The Emirates has all the conditions for an upscale holiday, starting with a warm climate and ending with a developed hotel industry.

You can also start in the real estate industry. Commercial facilities are in great demand in the country. The residential real estate sector is also attractive from an economic point of view. The UAE has a large number of foreign citizens who rent housing.