Rating of the best crypto exchanges • 2022

Popular bitcoin exchangers compete with exchanges, yielding to them in functionality, but winning in simplicity and convenience. Due to the presence of a large number of exchange services, it is not easy for a beginner to make the right choice. The rating of crypto exchangers, which includes the best cryptocurrency exchangers, will help make the task easier.

How to choose a bitcoin exchanger

To choose the best cryptocurrency exchange, you need to consider and compare the key characteristics of these services, paying attention first of all to those that are important to you.

The value when choosing is:

  • Exchange rates. The exchange rate is a key characteristic on which the benefit of the client depends. It is necessary to give preference to services whose quotes differ minimally from the market average. Usually the deviation is up to 10% of the average exchange rate, but it is better to choose a bitcoin exchanger, in which this indicator is within 5%.

  • currency pairs. The choice of monetary units available for sale and purchase at exchange offices is usually not as wide as on exchanges. Therefore, you need to choose a service that supports operations with the cryptocurrencies you need.

  • Amount limits. For the transaction, it is important that the item allows you to exchange the required amount of money in one transaction. Therefore, for small transactions, you should choose services with a low minimum limit, and for large transactions, with a high maximum.

  • Payment Methods. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency online using other cryptocurrency wallets, bank cards, electronic money and other payment instruments. The more they are supported by the exchanger, the better, but the main thing is the availability of a payment method that is convenient for you.

  • Commission rates. Some exchange offices charge a transaction fee, which sometimes reaches more than 10%. Other sites do not charge additional fees, but lay their own margin in the course. Therefore, when choosing a cryptocurrency exchanger, you need to not only pay attention to the commission (the lower it is, the better), but also take it into account together with the exchange rate. For example, buying 0.1 BTC for $4,500 with a 3% fee is less profitable than buying $4,600 without a fee.

  • Reputation. When choosing an exchanger, its experience, daily turnover, and the number of visitors are important. It is worth giving preference to services that have been operating for a year or more, have a sufficient reserve of currencies and there is no significant number of negative reviews.

  • Convenience. The interface of the site is a subjective characteristic, but the ease of performing exchange operations depends on its organization and optimization. The best crypto exchangers have a simple and clear design that allows you to quickly select the desired exchange direction and, thanks to automatic calculation, immediately find out how much you will give and receive.

In order not to engage in independent analysis and comparison of online cryptocurrency exchange points, you can use this rating. It already includes the most convenient and reliable services that allow you to buy or sell bitcoin and other digital assets.

What are bitcoin exchanges

There are crypto exchangers operating on different principles, differing in the level of convenience and complexity for beginners. Three main categories can be distinguished:

  • Online exchangers. Services that centrally exchange digital assets. These resources have their own reserves, through which transactions are carried out, and work on the principle of banks. The user selects a currency pair, indicates the amount, transfers the asset being sold to the service account, and in return receives the required cryptocurrency or the amount in fiat, depending on the direction of the exchange. They are easy to use, reliable, but do not always offer favorable conditions.

  • local exchangers. Offline services work like regular currency exchange offices, although they may have a website where applications are submitted. Such companies allow you to make a transaction at the checkout: pay in cash or by card in order to receive cryptocurrency in return, or vice versa. The advantages of such services are security and the ability to receive cash, the disadvantage is their low prevalence.

  • P2P exchanges. These services do not own their own assets, but only perform intermediary functions, connecting currency sellers with buyers. On such platforms, a client who wants to make an exchange creates his own order for the required amount or finds an existing one and exchanges amounts with the counterparty. The advantage of P2P exchangers is the conditions that are pleasant for both parties (even with a commission, the rate is usually profitable), the disadvantages are a little more complexity than conventional services, as well as the need to study the reputation of the counterparty.

Since all services have their pros and cons, you need to make a choice based on personal priorities. If you need to occasionally change large amounts at a favorable rate, the criteria will be the same, and if you need to frequently make small transactions, others. For beginners, you can recommend ordinary exchangers, more experienced users - P2P platforms, and you should pay attention to local points if you are interested in safe transactions with cash.

Signs of a secure crypto exchange

Before making an exchange, you need to make sure the reliability and security of the selected service.

You can identify such an online cryptocurrency exchange by a number of signs:

  • service experience is more than a year;

  • there are always large amounts of popular and sought-after assets in reserve;

  • the site uses a secure encrypted HTTPS connection;

  • the resource has a consistently high attendance;

  • the site has a support service that responds to customer requests;

  • there are almost no negative reviews about the work of the platform on the Internet.

After making sure that the cryptocurrency exchange service is safe, you can proceed to registration (if required) and purchase or sell the desired asset by submitting an application.

Below is a list that will help you choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange: the rating is based on many carefully analyzed parameters.


Changeit is an online cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to change tokens to fiat (and vice versa) without registration. The service website has a simple and intuitive interface. The transaction is carried out in just a few clicks. Operations with Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash are allowed, but BTC and ETH are called the main ones. 

The commission is 4% for each exchange (but not less than 50 USD). In addition to it, additional fees are charged for depositing and withdrawing currency. They differ depending on the means of payment. For example, for hryvnia, withdrawal is not subject to commission, and you will have to pay 5 USD for deposit. + 0.9% of the transaction amount. For most coins, the additional fee is fixed.

The online cryptocurrency exchange Changeit can be considered reliable - the service has sufficient stocks of tokens. Operations are carried out quickly and take only a few minutes. You can get tokens to a cryptocurrency wallet, and fiat to Visa and MasterCard bank cards.

Coin24 is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The demand for the service is due to the fact that it works with Privat24 and Monobank and allows users to operate in the hryvnia. All currently popular tokens are available for exchange, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether. There are over 20 different coins in total. The crypto exchange has been operating since 2018, it is reliable and has a supply of fiat and crypto for exchange. The service website has a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use.

Transaction fees are charged only in cases where fiat currency is involved in the exchange. The amount of the fee is fixed and amounts to 5 USD, regardless of the amount of the transaction. If the cryptocurrency is exchanged, then there are no additional payments - they are included in the rates. This scheme is more profitable than the standard commission as a percentage of the transaction amount.

To use the online cryptocurrency exchange Coin24, you need to register on its website. It is very simple - just enter a name, email, create a password and confirm the mail. Verification is not required, you do not need to provide personal data. But she may be asked to pass if the administration has questions for the client.