There is such a half-joking statement that we are a nation of food: we ourselves love to eat, and we often invite guests. That is why  the dining table  performs more than a utilitarian function in the apartment - it often becomes the center of the house, its soul. And how to buy кухонные столы correctly, we will tell in this article.


It is very important that it is spacious to sit at the dining table, and it is comfortable to get up because of it.

To achieve this, you need to rely on the following calculations:

  • 60 cm of countertop space is required for a person while eating - then it will be convenient for him to hold cutlery in his hands and take dishes;

  • 15 cm should be the distance between adjacent chairs so that people do not touch each other with their elbows;

  • 1 meter - the minimum space between the table and the wall or the nearest furniture, otherwise it will be problematic to get out after the meal;

  • 90-105 cm is the optimal width of the tabletop: it is convenient to serve and the eaters are at a good distance for communication.

How to understand whether the chosen piece of furniture will fit into the home footage? Designers, in addition to the usual measurement with a tape measure, also advise another way - to make mock-ups of tables out of paper, which are considered as options (in full size), and lay them out on the floor.

This will give a visual indication of whether the dimensions are in relation to the total area of ​​the room, how people can sit down and how much free space remains.


Round and oval tables are great for small spaces. They cut off the corners (so you can seat more people) and still have a good surface area.

There is also a psychological nuance - there is no concept of "head of the table", which creates a warmer atmosphere. And designers say that this form is more suitable for an odd number of participants in the feast.

A rectangular table is often the most compromise and win-win option. It is ideal, for example, for a long narrow room. This creates enough space for walking. And in a small room, it can be attached to a wall or pushed into a corner.

A square table is suitable for friendly and intimate feasts, because behind it people are at an equal distance from each other. It looks good in a room of the same shape, repeating its outlines. In a limited footage, the right solution would be a square sliding transformer, which gives from 2 to 8 additional seats when disassembled.


Solid wood was and remains the best, timeless material for the dining table. It is durable, strong and luxurious. And if it is subject to wear and scratches, then it is easy to fix. As a real classic, solid wood will fit into any style. And he has only one "disadvantage" - a high price.

Cheaper alternatives are veneered wood, chipboard and MDF. They are not very hardy and are not suitable for the kitchen, but they are quite suitable for the living room. They will fit into any style, except maybe hi-tech, but Provence and modern will be especially good in interiors.

Stone countertops at an affordable price look stylish, they are in demand in the sharply modern urban interior trend. Of the minuses - fragility, heavy weight (not every floor covering can withstand) and indelible stains.

Tempered glass makes it possible to get a large, but devoid of bulkiness table. This furniture is affordable, very durable, resistant to moisture, but vulnerable to fingerprints and does not like abrasive products, as well as excessive heat. Of the styles, it is especially "friendly" with hi-tech.

For an interior designed in the style of a loft, a metal table would be the best choice. Brass, steel or zinc create an inexpensive and durable item. However, remember that the metal also requires special cleaning products due to the shiny surface that is subject to frequent staining.

A plastic dining table is the cheapest and most short-lived. But it is very easy to care for and can, for example, be ideal for a family with small children.

As you can see, any table model has its pros and cons, so to make the choice easier, designers recommend choosing a table that will meet the following criteria:

  comply with the allocated budget;

  have a reliable design;

  fit into the proposed space;

  respond to a style that will remain relevant for the next 5-10 years.

We hope our advice will help you make the right choice.