Today it is impossible to call a vacation really good and family if there was no signature dish on the table - shish kebab. No holiday in nature is complete without baked vegetables, fish and meat. Therefore, if you decide to finally let the most delicious park cuisine into your life, we will help you choose a device that will become a beloved and faithful friend at every family event. Grill Academy experts answer questions about how to choose a charcoal grill for a summer residence, and why exactly a charcoal barbecue deserves the attention of summer residents.


This is not a loud statement, in fact it is - you can cook only in nature, in the open air and on coal. Only the owners of country houses or country cottages can afford such a luxury. Today there are mobile installations, small in size, which are easy to transport in the trunk of a light car to nature. But in any case, the bulk of buyers are summer residents.

Charcoal equipment has superiority over other types of barbecues, and there are 3 proofs of this:

  • Cook in any weather and at any time of the season. In autumn, summer, winter, even in the rain - just cover the flame with a lid from precipitation.

  • Additional functions. This is a brazier for barbecue, and a tandoor for cakes, and a pizza oven. In some models, you can smoke small carcasses of poultry and fish.

  • Inexpensive fuel, fast ignition and long temperature retention.

Add to this an amazing aroma and rich taste. Once you try a properly cooked charcoal dish, you will never want to come home and cook on the stove again.


The ideal grill setting does not exist. Every year, manufacturers upgrade devices, improve technology, add nice features - all this seriously complicates the choice, the eyes just run up. But for our customers, we have developed a small checklist that will help you deal with such questions as what diameter of the grill is optimal for giving, why it is more profitable to take an ovoid shape, rather than the usual spherical one, and others. Let's get started:

  1. The size. Equipment by size is divided into 3 categories: for home, private use - small, for large companies or for a large family - medium, for professional cooking - large. The best option is the average, you will never go wrong with the choice. Such structures and functions have more, and the frying surface is more capacious.

  2. The form. The Grill Academy catalog includes spherical and rectangular Weber devices, and the extraordinary Big Green Egg - both manufacturers make quality products. The choice depends on the compactness and what you plan to cook. Flatbreads and pizzas are perfectly baked in the “egg”, and you can also cook dishes of a more difficult class - soups, shurpa and others. If you plan to carry it in the trunk often, focus on the compact and practical Weber models - they weigh much less and are easy to drag. Ceramics will be much heavier.

  3. Thermal regime. Take installations where you can adjust the height of the grille. Then you can play with heat. Shish kebab at the lower height with direct heating will be juicy, with a crust and fragrant.

  4. Trouble-free ignition. First of all, pay attention to the capacity for coal. You can additionally buy a starter for ignition and correct the situation if for some reason it is difficult to start a fire. But it is better to take a closer look at the container in advance, check for ventilation.

  5. The material from which the structure is made. There are 3 types of grills: steel, ceramic and cast iron. Each of the materials has its own characteristics: ceramics are heavy, but keep heat longer than others; cast iron is cheap, also holds heat well, but is difficult to clean; steel is practical, lasts longer, is easy to clean, poorly retains heat, and is mainly used for gas grills.

  6. Mobility. Here it is important to take into account the dimensions of the models and weight. The larger the charcoal grill, the more difficult it is to transport. If you are going to often travel to nature, it is better to give preference to less functional models, but compact ones.

Based on these 6 selection criteria, you will be able to choose the best cottage charcoal grill on our website. If you have any questions, write to the consultant. Let us help you choose your new friend.