For the first time in the history of the continental championships, the tournament will be held across Europe, with restrictions due to the pandemic and in an odd year. But apart from the obvious, there will be many unusual details at EuroCup 2020 that you hardly thought about.

The most expensive stadium of the tournament is Wembley, no question. In 2007, it was built on the site of the legendary arena of the same name for England. The cost of construction of a new facility, according to various sources, ranged from just over 750 to almost 800 million pounds (at that time - almost 950 million euros). Remembering all the banter regarding the construction of the arena on Krestovsky Island, you can certainly assume that it is the second most expensive at EURO 2020. But it's not. The stadium in St. Petersburg, although it took almost a decade to build, cost less than the London one. In the ranking of the rich, he was moved by the Olympic Stadium in Baku - for 710 million euros, the city received an arena where the Europa League 2019 final was already held, and now four EURO matches will be played, including the quarter-final.

Players who participated in the 2008 tournament will come to EURO 2020. For example, Yuri Zhirkov. But only one player out of three hundred remembers EURO 2004. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Then the 19-year-old Krish scored against the Greeks in the group, in the quarterfinals he was accurate in the penalty shootout, and in the 1/2 finals he opened the scoring with the Netherlands. And reached the final. Where he lost to the Greeks.

Of the other young supertalents of that championship, almost the same age as the Portuguese Lukas Podolski, Arjen Robben, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Fernando Torres, Vladimir Bystrov or Wayne Rooney could well have played at EURO 2020, but they have either already finished playing football, or have not been pulling the level of their national team for a long time.

There are Russians not only in the Russian team, but also in Finland. Robert Ivanov will play for Suomi at EURO 2020. His father is a Russian named Vladimir. Robert was born in Helsinki, where his father built his career, but there was also a lot of Russia in his life: for example, he was in close contact with the Russian grandfather Leo, in whose honor he got a tattoo of a lion, and Ravil Sabitov helped him become a professional, who trained Ivanov in Finland and He said he saw great potential in him.

Ryan Giggs has never participated in the EURO as a player - the only real attempt in 2003 was cut off after Rolan Gusev's cross and Vadim Evseev's closing. In 2021, he was supposed to take his native Wales to the tournament, but ... All because of the accusations of beating girls - the police believe that the coach inflicted severe injuries on his ex in November 2020, and even attacked another lady. During the proceedings, the Football Association suspended Ryan from work. The team will be led by his assistant Robert Page.

UEFA announced in 2013 that UEFA EURO 2020 would take place across Europe. But before that, the tournament was planned to be traditional, and countries sent applications to become its hosts. Many people have made plans. There was talk about a joint application by Belarus and Lithuania or four countries at once - Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Turkey applied for the third time in a row, but then withdrew, and Russia withdrew it after it received the 2018 World Cup.

Georgia + Azerbaijan and Scotland + Ireland + Wales turned out to be the most brazen of all - UEFA received an official request from them, so almost everyone on the list was given EURO matches in a new format.

Slovakian coach Stefan Tarkovich is one of the youngest in the tournament. He is only 48 years old, but during his career he has already changed 14 jobs (not counting the transitions from assistants to principals). The longest - five years - stayed in the women's national team of Slovakia under 19, and at the same time helped in the main women's team.

He accepted the main men's team only in October 2020 after the resignation of Pavel Gapal, who led it to the EURO. With Tarkovich, the results are still average: in the qualification for the 2022 World Cup, Slovakia drove two draws with Cyprus and Malta, but at the same time beat Russia.

On December 2, 2020, Frenchwoman Stephanie Frappart became the first woman to referee a Champions League match (Juventus - Dynamo Kyiv) as the chief referee. In the summer she will be the first female referee at the Euro. Frappart, 37, will serve as the reserve referee for the tournament.

The list of chief judges included Sergey Karasev and Romanian Oviditsu Hatsegan, in whose brigade there were two strange incidents in six months. In December 2020, reserve Sebastian Kolcescu allegedly called PSG's second coach a "black guy". Thus began the racist scandal. Kolcescu was acquitted, however, just in case, he was suspended from all tournaments until the end of the year, and he is not going to the EURO. And in April 2021, linesman Octavian Chauvre after the match asked for an autograph from Erling Holland - as it turned out, for a charitable foundation. UEFA did not approve of such behavior and also did not let the referee from the Hatsegan brigade to the EURO.

Henri Delaunay, after whom the cup awarded to the winner of the tournament was named, was an ordinary referee before joining UEFA and the French Football Federation. He ended his career after a strange episode: the ball flew in the face, Henri swallowed the whistle and broke two teeth.

The cup was created in 1958, three years after his death. The jeweler made an amphora with a bas-relief of a young man playing football. Now this cup does not belong to any team and is located in the UEFA Museum in Nyon. He was replaced in 2008 by an updated one - a little larger and heavier. The price of the trophy that the winner of EURO 2020 will receive has also increased - 30 thousand euros in 1958 would have been a fortune.

In the 1950s - 1960s, the Yugoslav national team was one of the strongest teams in the world - twice reached the EURO finals, regularly took Olympic medals. After the collapse of the country, the football potential of each separately created state has noticeably decreased. But by 2021, almost all of the fragments of Yugoslavia have received their moment of glory: Croatia made it to the EURO for the first time in 1996, Slovenia and Serbia and Montenegro (still a united team along with Kosovo) in 2000, North Macedonia will get a chance this summer.

The queue is only for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which participated in the 2014 World Cup, but can not get to the EURO in any way - stumbles in the play-offs.

For all recent tournaments, the Belgian team comes with almost the same set of leaders. And if before the 2014 World Cup and EURO 2016 it was said about the Belgians that their great generation is in the juice, then before the 2018 World Cup there were already questions: the squad is getting old, when, if not now? At UEFA EURO 2020, Roberto Martinez is taking 14 players aged 29 and over (assuming he doesn't unhook anyone) - almost half the team for whom this tournament could be their last. Belgium claims to be the oldest in the tournament.

Stability and teamwork are always good, but the victory in the country is very much expected. So far, this generation has only one bronze - with the World Cup in Russia.