Merry family

I recently started watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I heard a lot about this family. I saw their interview, Kris Jenner and her daughters are quite famous personalities. But I never thought to watch this show. Especially since there are so many seasons. Watch Семейство Кардашьян 2022

But boredom took its toll. And now I'm starting to watch the first season. He came out in the distant two thousand and seven. Watching the first episodes pretty quickly. I concluded that this show was to my liking. Gradually you are drawn into the life of this family. Here the main characters who work and solve their personal problems. They often quarrel with each other, but at the same time remain together. Of course, the mother plays an important role. She brings this family together, gives it significance. The sisters themselves, quite independent but at the same time, are insanely attached to each other.

Six children.

Kris Jenner, mother of six children at once. Four she gave birth to the famous lawyer Robert Kardashian. And two from former athlete Bruce Jenner. Kardashian died, and he was not in any season of this show. And Bruce later changed his gender and now he is a woman. If I go over the personas, I will only express my opinions.

Elder Courtney. She is quite tough, petite and nice girl. She seems to me the calmest of the sisters.

Star Kim Kardshian. The most famous of the three Kardashians. Now she is already a mother of three children, and is happily married to Kanye West. And she began her journey with scandals.

Khloe Kardashian. I remember her for her explosive nature. So kind, but bubbly. She wrote about her as the daughter of OJ Simpson. Subsequently, these rumors were refuted.

Rob Kardashian. The only boy, beloved younger brother. The only thing I emphasized about this guy is that he is a great dad and clean.

Kendall Jenner. Today, this girl is one of the highest paid super models in the world. And in the first seasons of the series, this child begged for a dog from his parents.

Kylie Jenner. The youngest and most financially successful daughter of Kris Jenner. By releasing her line of cosmetics, she earned a lot of money.

It must be said about Bruce Jenner, who is now a woman. Watching him on a reality show, I'm not surprised why he changed gender. Now his name is Caitlin (hahaha, that's a lot of fun).


Having started watching "The Kardashian Family", in the process you don't understand why, but you can't tear yourself away. The life of the stars on the one hand, and the usual everyday life on the other. It seems to me that these girls have an understanding of decency, respect for their family, compassion for others. It is these qualities that they take the viewer. Golden interior items do not surprise, pathos is not held in high esteem. And humanity always deserves respect.