What kind of music should a DJ play?

In this article I will explain how I find new music and where I buy it. Since I mainly play disco house, I may not be aware of the fishy spots for trance or hip-hop lovers. Let me know if this is the case - I will gladly fill in the gaps.

Record store in your city

There is no store of records with dance music in Kiev, but if your city is lucky, then you should visit it regularly - if only just to improve relations with the staff. Salespeople can have useful connections, and they can also suggest interesting news for you.

From the point of view of finding new music, the physical store is not that convenient. It is much easier to listen to tracks on the Internet (see below) than going to the turntables and back with packs of records to listen to. On the other hand, in the far corners of the store, you can attack little-known gems that will make your set unique.

Dance Music Online Stores

Juno . I am a regular visitor to this site - if not in order to order the next batch of records, then in order to listen to new ones. As part of the Juno mailing list, I receive an e-mail once a week with a list of all new disco / funky house releases and links to wiretaps. Juno's only drawback is that if some disc is not in stock at the moment, it is not displayed in the online catalog, and you cannot listen to it.

Hard To Find Records . Another British online store that started out selling music, but has now expanded its range to DJ equipment. Listening here is not organized as conveniently as in Juno, but due to the fact that the catalog displays all records and CDs, and not just available ones, HTFR has more chances to listen to what you are looking for.

Chemical Records . This online dance music and DJ equipment store enjoys a good reputation among domestic DJs. The catalog and search are not organized as conveniently as the resources of competitors, but they allow you to view products that are not in stock. Wiretapping raises no objections.

Decks Records . A large German store with a very convenient wiretap and a large catalog. All records are displayed regardless of stock availability. Here you can often find white labels and bootlegs that are not in Juno and HTFR.

GEMM . Not so much a store as a global marketplace for music dealers. On GEMM you can find the rarest records, it is not for nothing that they say about them: "If you did not find this on GEMM , forget about it!" GEMM represents a wide variety of sellers, so pay attention to who you buy your records from and where the delivery is coming from. Also keep track of the ratings of the merchants.

How to order records and CDs by mail

To order records or CDs on any of the above sites, you will need a Visa or MasterCard at least Classic. After the first order, you may be asked to send a scan of the card by e-mail to make sure that the number is not stolen. Unfortunately, so far this is a common practice in relation to the residents of the CIS.

Choose Air Mail as your shipping method and avoid special services like DHL. The fact is that when using the express delivery service, your parcel always passes through customs, and there is a chance to run into a duty if the order amount exceeds a certain threshold (its value is determined by customs legislation).