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An over-the-air (OTA) update is the wireless delivery of new software, firmware, or other data to any IoT devices. This feature enables us to manage and keep track of all the updates we send to our telemetry devices.





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How does rollout works?

Each individual OTA update can be rollout to selected devices or all of the devices at a given time. Once an OTA update record is created it will register a scheduled queue which will run on configured period of time. Queue will continue to run until the rollout has been successfully pushed to all devices. In case device is in-use it will skipped the update and continue on next schedule run.


Example: If OTA update is set to rollout at 2AM everyday, it will start the rollout at 2AM one by one and if the device is in-use, it will skip the rollout and try to push the update on next day 2AM


Currently we have only two types of OTA updates we can send to our telemetry devices

  • Alarm config

    • All of our digiparts devices allows us to enable/disable the alarms we want to use. Main reason for this customization is to reduce the number of requests that receives to our servers. List of all alarms can be found on this file under CSA_ALARMS

  • Firmware updates - WIP