C-ID 2.0 Support Process and Implementation Plan

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Pamela Shaw

Initial Draft

Key Project Roles

For a detailed review of project roles please see Roles and Responsibilities for C-ID 2.0

Project Director:

David Shippen 

Product Manager:

Mark Cohen 

Project Manager:

Rachel Stamm 

Project Resource:

Pamela Shaw
Accountable Body:

Platform Support Workflow

Each project in collaboration with the Help Desk Manager will need to identify who their end-users are and the Tiers of support. Please use the outline below to identify your end-users as well the Developer(s) who are responsible for Production Support.

Support Tier Progression

Support Tier


Contact Info


Tier 1

Miguel Rother, ASCCC


Research / troubleshoot initial contact from end users (colleges)

Tier 2

Merrie Wales, C-ID Support Desk


Research issues escalated from Tier 1

Tier 3 

Mark Cohen, Product Owner
Pamela Shaw, Escalation POC 


Research issues escalated from Tier 2.

Tier 4 

C-ID Support Engineer

Research issues escalated from Tier 3.

For additional details of the End User Support Process, please see C-ID 2.0 End User Support

Platform Support Process Description

Tier 1 Support

The CCCCO Academic Affairs Division is responsible for providing all Tier 1 support to college end users and is responsible for receiving and processing incoming college end user support requests via Zendesk ticketing system, assisting users with account recovery, and coordinating issue and incident resolution and restoring IT services to their defined Service Levels as quickly as possible. Throughout the life of an issue, users are informed at regular intervals about their issue’s status. The Academic Affairs Division will provide the specific hours of consistent, available telephone support for college users. 

Tier 1 Inputs

End users may contact Tier 1 support by using the following methods.  Issues entered are forwarded to the Tier 1 Support Help Desk queue to be worked in order recieved.


Phone Number



Zendesk Ticketing System



link from app, ASCCC and AA homepage

Academic Affairs Division


link from AA homepage

C-ID 2.0 applicationn/arouted to Zendeskto be established

Tier 1 Outputs

Issue resolution by Tier 1 (during initial phone call, or by email response), escalate unresolved issues to Tier 2.

Tier 1 Service Level Agreement

Respond to an issue within 2 business days

Tier 2 Support

Tech Center employees who serve as a primary support for issues reported by the ASCCC directly and/or escalated from the ASCCC.  Tier 2 staff are available Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm in respect to Butte College’s district office hours. They are responsible for identifying one off issues versus a bug, providing direct support to Colleges and Tier 1 staff, as well as auditing HelpDesk tickets to ensure SLAs are being met and ASCCC staff are following protocols and providing the CAT Product Owner with end-user feedback on the Tech Center’s products and processes for support.

Tier 2 Inputs

End users will be contacted by Tier 2 support when a ticket is escalated from Tier 1. Once a ticket is escalated they will follow throughout the life of an issue, end users are informed at regular intervals about their issue’s status. 

Tier 2 Outputs

Issue resolutions not resolved by Tier 1 (phone call, email or video chat). 

Provide resolutions/workaround(s) and or resource(s) for colleges who are having issues with completing proposal submissions or changes.

Update Resources Page on C-ID website with any issue deemed to affect all users

Tier 2 Service Level Agreement

Respond within 1 business day to an escalated ticket

Update Resources Page on C-ID website within 1 business day

Tier 3 Support

Tier 3 support are Tech Center Employees or Contractors assigned to a specific grant and serve in the role(s) of Product Owner, Project Manger, Business Analyst. The Support Engineer  troubleshoots and develops technical solutions for the CCC Tech Center software application solution efforts. Emphasis is on the application of technical diagnostics techniques to resolve statewide college-staff reported issues in support of individuals of varying technical expertise. While Tier 3 is intended to be an internal support resource for Tier 1 and 2 support staff, Colleges may also contact Tier 3 support. The Executive Director ASCCC may contact Tier 3 directly to escalate support issues. 





All Platforms







C-ID public facing website

ASCCC C-ID website

Other?add C-ID 2.0 CCCTC email distro

Issues that are directly emailed to Tier 3 support staff queue are to be worked in order recieved. Depending on the issue priority (severe, major or minor) a severe issue in where systems are unavailable will take priority. Any issue received outside of the Zendesk ticketing system must be added to the queue by the Tier 3 support staff member who received the support request. Support requests will not be worked if they are not logged in Zendesk, regardless of severity and priority. 

Tier 3 Outputs

Investigates current and future technologies issues escalated by the support team’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 to ensure the CCCTC support base leverages. Troubleshoots and develops technical solutions related to software and setup errors in support of Tech Center Products. Updates HelpDesk ticket, contacts staff about issue resolved or pending throughout the life of the issue. Creates workaround procedures when standard procedures have failed and ensures issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

Tier 3 Service Level Agreement

Respond within 1 business day to all inbound issues 

Update blog on C-ID 2.0 website within 1 business day if issue globally affects users

Provide daily updates to Dean of Academic Affairs for any issue deemed to be a S1 P1 Defect. 

Tier 4 Support

Tier 4 support will be a Development Support Team, an internal CCCTC team or third party software developer, or Systems Operations Team. This will be determined on a platform by platform basis.  Tier 4 Support is responsible for providing diagnostics and resolutions for software and hardware via servers, architecture and system analyst. 

Tier 4 Inputs


Tier 4 Outputs

Provide software resolutions for software bugs and feature updates. Writing diagnostics programs and designing and writing code for systems in operations and software in order to ensure efficiency. Working with staff in the Tech Center, such as Project Managers, Product Managers, Support staff etc. Writing and Testing code and then refining and rewriting as necessary. As well as integrating existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together. 

Tier 4 Service Level Agreement

Platform Support KPI Reporting 

The following key performance indicators (KPIs) will be published regularly providing support metrics including actuals against the Support Service Level Agreements for the reporting period.  

  • Tier 1 response time (against SLA)
  • Tier 1 resolution time (against SLA)
  • Tier 2 response time (against SLA)
  • Tier 2 resolution time (against SLA)
  • Tier 3 response time (against SLA)
  • Tier 3 resolution time (against SLA)
  • Tier 4 resolution time (against SLA)
  • Top 10 ticket drivers
  • Outages - planned and unplanned

Onboarding Process for C-ID Support 

The C-ID project team will engage the CCCTC Support Supervisor once application development is at 70% complete. 

Establish Project Support Roles & Responsibilities

  • Project Support Representative - to be defined by Mark Cohen
  • Developer(s) for Tier 4 Support - to be identified by Mark Cohen
  • Outside vendor contacts as required - No outside vendor will provide support for C-ID at the time of launch. The ASCCC will need to have a Zendesk account configured to provide Tier 1 support. 
  • Generic logins needed for each role to facilitate Tiers 2, 3, and 4 support. These logins are available at Test User Accounts for C-ID 2.0 and dev environments can be accessed at C-ID 2.0 Environments

Schedule Project Support Plan Development

NOTE: System of Record for Support Process Schedule is Liquid Planner. A process needs to be established to maintain schedule integrity in this page for stakeholders requiring schedule status but who do not have liquid planner access. 

Support Plan Development TaskStartEndWhoStatus

Support Team Professional Development & Documentation

  • The C-ID 2.0 Admin Guide is the primary, internal support documentation available as it pertains to expected application behavior. 

  • The C-ID implementation process will be used as a training tool for CCCTC support staff

  • The C-ID support team (Tiers 2, 3, 4 only) will meet weekly for 12 weeks after the first production release to iteratively develop a Support Checklist to assist with troubleshooting


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