Post MVP Features and Roadmap

This page is under development

Given the focus on the MVP and customer support obligations as the CCCCO transitions away from the Governet application, we have not yet prioritized the next round of features and connection points for COCI. We anticipate putting together roadmap for COCI post MVP after the phase 1 colleges have completed the migration from Governet  to the new application.

While by no means a comprehensive or final list, the areas of priority for post MVP include:

  • Submission improvements:

    • Bulk upload

    • Data dictionary update and new fields/logic

    • Structured data v attachments for the COR

    • Workflow rules for more auto approval

    • In app links to CB data elements for better user support

  • Efficiency improvements:

    • Vendor integration with local CI systems

    • Integration with C-ID

    • Improved business rules and integration practices with MIS

  • User Experience Improvements:

    • Reporting tool/UI

    • Front end / editable website

    • SSO

    • Dashboards

Post-MVP Release Schedule

Its anticipated that MVP development/support will continue through the end of the fiscal year at which point sustaining engineering would level out to 1 sustaining engineer. The core development team would close out MVP development, perform a post mortem and GAP analysis of any infrastructure related issues needed for ongoing performance and scalability, and begin to groom the post MVP requirements. Sprints will continue at two week cycles, with feature releases occurring quarterly.