COCI User Guides and Training Materials

The guides below are specific to support of the COCI application itself. If you are looking for a copy o the PCAH or the MIS data elements dictionary, please visit  insert link when avail.

Guide DescriptionIntended AudienceFile or LinkNotes/Comments
Working with CoursesDistrict and College Users
ETA March 2017
Working with ProgramsDistrict and College Users
ETA March 2017
College Configuration and User ManagementDistrict and College Admins
ETA March 2017
Approving Courses and ProgramsCCCCO Reviewer
ETA April 2017
Advanced FeaturesAll
ETA April 2017
System Admin FunctionsCCCCO Admin(s)
ETA April 2017
COCI Test EnvironmentAll
ETA Feb 2017
Training DescriptionIntended AudienceFile or LinkNotes/Comments
Getting Started Video

Data Validation Video

Noncredit Courses Video

Credit Courses Video

Submitting a New Program Video

User Management Video

Advanced Features Video