OEI Pilot

Project Overview

This pilot seeks to test the ability to move course data between California Community Colleges through their eTranscript vendor using EdExchange and Project GLUE, which is being developed by the CCCTC. The objective is to ensure students who are completing OEI coursework can share records between the home and teaching institutions.

The outcome of the pilot will be documented and developed as a partner integration program for eTranscript CA (eTCA) to offer colleges more efficient and comprehensive integration options. Colleges with existing transcript vendors will benefit from having their vendor fully support eTCA allowing all transcripts to sent to an eTCA destination to flow through the initiative and fully conform to the California eTranscript data standard.

Participating Stakeholders

Ventura College

The sending or teaching institution responsible for releasing transcript data to the home college.

Foothill College

The receiving or home college responsible for consuming transcript data exchanged via an automated process. 

California Community Colleges Technology Center (CCCTC)

The sponsor for the Online Education Initiative, the Education Planning Initiative the CCCTC is responsible for supporting eTransript CA, developing project GLUE to become a complete, package product offering for colleges and for project oversight and management of the eTranscript pilot.

Online Education Initiative (OEI)

A funded grant sponsored by the California Community Colleges Technology Center and the project sponsor.


As the transcript vendor used by Ventura and Foothill, Parchment is responsible for configuration and testing needed to release transcript data via the EdExchange server in an automated process.

Project Details

Data Standard Evaluation

Designated representatives from Ventura and Foothill will work with the CCCTC project staff to review the required eTranscript CA data elements and complete any mapping needed from existing SIS fields to the required data elements. This will involve the development as needed for managing custom or calculated fields and it will also entail a risk assessment of the likeliness of fields changing overtime.

Transcript Data exchange

Both colleges will work with the CCCTC project staff and Parchment to establish access to a test instance of the SIS in which test students and associated course work can be created. Test transcript transmissions (request, record identification, release and record acknowledgement) will be completed in coordination with the CCCTC and Parchment. These test transmissions are not expected to need real student data, nor are they expected to have any impact on production processes currently in place.  

College Campus Resources Needed

Staff working with the CCCTC should be technical, and able to speak to the database structure and tables in the Student Information System in Use. Functional SMEs may be needed on a limited basis to complete the risk assessment. 

Level of Effort involved for pilot colleges

The duration of the pilot effort is expected to take approximately 6 weeks. Within those six weeks, the Data Standard Evaluation is projected to require ~20 hours of interviews/active project team work and the Transcript Data Exchange is projected to require ~8-10 hours. 

Project Timeline


Project Team

OEI eTranscript Pilot Project Team
CCCTC - Pilot Project ManagerRachel Stammrstamm@ccctechcenter.org
CCCTC - Pilot Project Resource

Pamela Shaw

CCCTC Product Manager - eTranscriptsMark Cohenmcohen@ccctechcenter.org
CCCTC Product Manager - GLUEJane Linderjlinder@ccctechcenter.org
CCCTC Product Manager - OEIJohn Sillsjsills@ccctechcenter.org
EdExchange - Lead DeveloperJames Whetstonejwhetstone@ccctechcenter.org
GLUE - Lead DeveloperKumar Pathykpathy@ccctechcenter.org
Parchment - Lead Product ResourceJason Weaverjweaver@parchment.com
Parchment - Project SponsorElias Ferdoussieferdoussi@parchment.com
Ventura College - Project SponsorMike Rosemrose@vcccd.edu
Ventura College - Project ResourceCelia Rodriguezcrodriguez@vcccd.edu
Ventura College - Project ResourceArlene Reedareed@vcccd.edu
Foothill College - Project Sponsor

Joe Moreau

Foothill College - Lead Technical ResourceChien Shihshihchien@fhda.edu
Foothill College - Technical ResourceDeepa Prasadprasaddeepa@fdha.edu
Foothill College - Technical ResourceJerrick Woowoojerrick@fhda.edu