EdExchange Overview

EdExchange, a project of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) Common Data Services (CDS) Task Force of over 30 institutions and vendors, aims to create a secure network for the exchange of transcripts between US educational institutions. The open source, web service based software EdExchange creates has the potential to be utilized to setup secure networks to exchange education data regionally and locally in many countries.

Project Overview

EdExchange project site at Apereo

Currently, educational data in standard formats is exchanged in the United States and Canada via a mail box method on the SPEEDE Server as a public service.  No service level agreements exist and a mechanism to transfer sensitive data involving a third party is no longer acceptable in an age of high risk data security.

As the technological landscape has evolved significantly over the years, web services standards are now available to enable automated directory lookup and efficient machine-to-machine communication in a highly secure transmission environment.  The Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) Common Data Services (CDS) Task Force looks to maximize the use of this new technology to meet the emerging needs of schools, institutions, states and other service provider organizations to exchange student records, accounts and educational data.

The CDS Task Force, composed of over 30 institutions and vendors, have developed a specification for a network (EdExchange) composed of open source web services clients.  By providing an open source foundation for the network, rapid adoption, standardization, and security via peer review is enabled.  In addition, the open source EdExchange software may be utilized to setup secure networks to exchange education data regionally and locally in many countries.

A web services data exchange network based on open source client software does not currently exist. Higher Education will greatly benefit through the security, speed, and ubiquitous access afforded by the establishment of such a system.

EdExchange provides the open source building blocks necessary to create and maintain a web services network for the secure exchange of education data.

EdExchange support is a critical element of the eTCA 2.0 delivery system as it provides eTCA with a large network of eTranscript recipients, while serving as a technology to be used within the design of eTCA 2.0.

EdExchange enables real-time data exchange between service provider networks that have previously operated in isolation from one another. EdExchange is a standards-based, open source project comprised of both a set of standards, and a service operated by PESC (the PK20 Education Standards Council).

EdExchange may be leveraged in eTCA in several areas:

(i)              As a critical part of the delivery system, enabling eTCA members to send electronic transcripts to any destination represented by an EdExchange member; including destinations represented by Parchment, Credentials, and NSC, each of which are currently committed to the project. Collectively, these eTranscript providers will allow eTCA to reach nearly every destination that accepts electronic transcripts, and

(ii)            May be utilized in the ordering system, allowing CCC students to order their transcript to their CCC campus from any HS or colleges available to receive requests through EdExchange.

(iii)           May be utilized within eTCA to connect participants in the exchange of transcript requests, and transcript data files.  

Project Partners

  • Postsecondary Electronic Standards Counsel
  • California Community Colleges
  • California School Information Systems
  • Parchment
  • Credentials
  • ScripSafe
  • ConnectEdu
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • BC Campus
  • University of Phoenix
  • Xap Corporation

PK20 Education Standards Council (PESC)

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Project Team

Mark Cohen

Product Manager CCCTC

Rachel StammProject Manager CCCTCrstamm@ccctechcenter.org
Pamela ShawProject Resource CCCTCpshaw@ccctechcenter.org
James WhetstoneEdExchange - Lead Developerjwhetstone@ccctechcenter.org