eTrans CA 2.0

Project Overview

The mission for eTCA 2.0 is to grow the adoption of eTranscript California, and make ubiquitous the exchange of transcripts in the California Electronic Transcript Standard, both from, and to the California Community Colleges. 

eTrans CA 2.0 will focus on the following objectives:

Grow adoption of eTranscript CA

Ease implementation and maintenance

Improve quality of data exchanged

Provide support for student ordering

Support a Multi-Vendor Environment ,vendor integration

Increase the availability of Transcript Data in the California Electronic Transcript Data Standard

Support Student Requests

Expand Network of Available Destinations

Focus on delivery of transcripts to the CCC system, as well as from CCC

Ease Integration and Improve Quality of Data

The following objectives reflect my understanding of what is to be accomplished through eTranscript California 2.0.

  1. Increase the availability of Transcript Data in the California Electronic Transcript Data Standard

    Increase the availability of transcripts exchanged as data validating to the California Electronic Transcript Data Standard, both to CCC, and from CCC to UC/CSU (and other participating) colleges.
  2. Reduce College Workload

    Reduce the administrative workload for California Community Colleges through a single efficient workflow that handles the requesting of, processing, and delivery of electronic transcripts to a diversity of destinations.
  3. Empower Student Success

    Enable students to request their transcripts to, or from, their CCC campus while benefitting from the quick exchange of their transcripts as standards-based data.
  4. Support related CCCO Technology Grant Projects Towards Common Objectives

  6. Expand the adoption of electronic transcritps and standards as  Electronioc transcripts are an essential element in providing data for educational planning
  9. Enable the exchange of standards-based data from high schools and colleges into CCC campuses to be used in the placement of students and enable related initiatives, while supporting the successful transfer of students between CCC campuses and from CCC campuses to 4-year institutions, including education planning and placement.

Support a Multi-Vendor Environment While Reducing Reliance on a Sole Vendor

Reduce reliance on existing eTranscript California vendor while supporting a multi-vendor environment, tightening data privacy, and reducing cost.

eTCA 2.0 Strategies

The following core strategies are being developed to meet the objectives for eTranscript California 2.0.  This includes:

  1. Support Student Requests

    Expand the transcript-ordering functionality beyond support for eTranscript California colleges, to include students at participating California Community Colleges requesting their transcript to be sent from, or to, their CCC campus.
  2. Expand Network of Available Destinations

    Integrate EdExchange so that eTCA senders may deliver eTranscripts to destinations outside of the eTranscript California network
  3. Expand Network of Available Transcript Sources

    Establish relationships that enable eTCA to deliver (inbound) transcript requests from the student-ordering portal to high schools and colleges outside of eTCA, so that those transcripts may be received at their CCC campus as data available to be utilized in the placement of students; while coordinating with related CCCCO technology grant projects towards common objectives.
  4. Ease Integration and Improve Quality of Data

    Introduce new integration options that offer an alternative to the CCCASCII data format, including integration options that enable automation, reduce implementation times, and produce high quality data that better supports the California Electronic Transcript Data Schema.
  5. 5.     Increase Visibility into and Reliability of eTranscript Platform

    Improved and more flexible tracking and reporting of transcripts from request through confirmation of delivery. 

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