The Course Identification Numbering (C-ID) System

C-ID Overview

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID), is a supranumbering system being developed to ease the transfer and articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions. C-ID website

Project Overview

The CCCTC is responsible for the development and support of a new C-ID system that is to fully replace the application in production now. In Spring 2015, the CCCTC assumed responsibility for the support and maintenance of C-ID 1.0 until 2.0 goes live.

EPI Support

The Course numbering and identification system supports the Education Planning Initiative by providing information on how courses articulate within the system and UC/CSU systems.  The list of courses and related articulation data within C-ID, assists in the production of the Ed Plan and related EPI initiatives that help guide students on how their CCC courses will transfer to complete their 4-year degree.

Project Timeline 

Documentation of C-ID 1.0 began in earnest in May 2015 and Discovery for 2.0 started in August 2015 and went through March of 2016. The first project priority was to stabilize C-ID 1.0 since that was in daily use and to add an appropriate technical support process. Requirements for 2.0 started to take shape and development of the new 2.0 application started in earnest in March 2016. We are in the final stages of development for the initial product release and expect to be migrating by the end of the fiscal year. 

Product Design Support Materials

To be completed

General Support Materials

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