eTranscript California 17/18

Project Overview

eTranscript California is a statewide electronic transcript exchange supporting the unique request and delivery of electronic transcripts across all of California's postsecondary systems. Since 2008, eTranscript California has facilitated electronic transcript request and delivery across California's postsecondary systems, with an emphasis on those areas unique to California student transcripts such as IGETC, CSU GE, and appropriate Certification notifications.

EPI Support

eTranscript California is recognized as a key initiative to support the work of the Student Success Act of 2012 (SB1456), AB1056, and the CCC Education Planning Initiative (EPI) through the integration of standards-based transcript data with EPI initiatives including the Ed Planner.

Support Materials

Product documentation including data specifications, technical specifications, implementation guides, and demos can be found at the eTranscript California Project Portal

eTrans CA 2.0 is currently in the planning stage, Information can be found at the  eTrans CA 2.0 project page.

eTranscripts CA 17/18 Charter

eTranscripts CA 17/18 Roles and Responsibilities

eTranscripts CA 17/18 Roadmap 9122017

eTranscripts CA 17/18 Roadmap

eTranscripts CA 17/18 Meeting Notes

Participating Colleges

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Project Team

eTranscript California Project Team
Product ManagerMark Cohen