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See more details on the CCCApply FY2018-2020 Product Overview

CCCApply FY2018-2019

Charter & Work Plan Goal: Collaborate with Stakeholders on CCCApply Redesign Project

QuarterRelease Date              |     Release Version


September 28, 2018   |     Release 6.2.0

Redesign: Changes to User Interface - Part 1

  • Removed logic in the Date of Birth field to prevent minors under age 13 from creating OpenCCC accounts
  • Removed the SSN Encouragement (nattering) Pop-up reminder from the Account Information page
  • Removed the Introduction page from the application workflow experience  (Application now starts on the Enrollment page)
  • Removed the Review Application page from the application workflow
  • Combined the Review App section, the Consent page & the Submission page into one page
  • Renamed the Personal Information page to: Demographic Information
  • Moved the Demographic Information page to the end of the application
  • Implemented auto-redirect from Application submission to MyPath
  • Improved the language in the self-reported Multiple Measures questions for AB705
  • Implemented "Meta Majors" filter to the Majors field

Implemented new Spam Filter Web Service

  • All new Admin user interface
  • Admin reporting feature

CCCApply Administrator Upgrade 2.0

  • All new user interface and modernized SSO-authentication
  • Added admin configuration for "Meta Majors" category filter


December 14, 2018    |    Release 6.3.0

Redesign: Changes to User Interface - Part 2

  • Refreshed the CCCApply user interface styles to align with MyPath
  • Implemented the 2018 Race & Ethnicity Disaggregation Project
    • 200+ new race groups & ethnicities
    • New Race & Ethnicity Full data field
    • New, scaffolded layout design
    • Maintained MIS data requirements

2019-2020 CC Promise Grant Application

  • Annual online application update
  • Refreshed user interface styles to align with MyPath

Q3March 16, 2019    |    Release 6.4.0

Redesign: Changes to User Interface - Part 3

  • Streamlined the Residency page for 97% of users
    • Hide/Show three Special Residency questions for 99% of applicants
    • Revised page layout to implement skip logic
    • Revised the format of the Out-of-State Activities questions;
      • Combined four, required Yes/No radio button questions into one, optional checkbox question with shared question text

  • Streamlined the Education page for 48% of users
    • Hide/Show the College Education Level section by default for all users
    • Hide/Show the Colleges Attended section by default for all users
    • Added scaffolding (skip logic) to the College Enrollment status question

  • Design and development of the Noncredit Application MVP version
    • Removed the Citizenship & Military page from application workflow
    • Removed the Residency page from the application workflow
    • Removed questions from the Needs & Interests page from the workflow 
    • Soft launch MVP version to the CCCApply pilot environment
    • Commenced Noncredit College Pilot Project for 8 Districts
    • Noncredit College Pilot Project - Meeting March 4
      • Identified three "must have" requirements for last phase of development:
        • Ability to display different Majors or Programs of Study in the Noncredit App and hide Major Category menu
        • Ability to display different Supplemental Questions in the Noncredit App
        • Display different Welcome (landing) page for the Noncredit App
        • Remove High School Transcript Information section (self-reported multiple measures) in Noncredit Appthe Noncredit Application

More information about the Noncredit Application: Noncredit Application Pilot Project

Q4June 28, 2019    |    Release 6.5.0

Redesign Changes to User Interface - Part 4

  • Remove the Needs & Interests page of questions for all students by default and implement ability to allow colleges to "opt-in" to display the questions/sections they want to continue to display. 

    The sections/questions to be removed include...
    • Remove the "Are you comfortable reading and writing English?" question
    • Remove the "Financial Assistance: Are you interested in receiving information about financial aid?" question
    • Remove the "Are you receiving TANF, SSI, General Assistance?" question
    • Remove the "Athletic Interest" questions
    • Remove the "Programs & Services" section

  • Revise the "Review OpenCCC Account Information" section from the Account Information page by default for new users
  • Implement Expand/Collapse feature for OpenCCC Account Edit/Review section 
  • Zip up the OpenCCC Account information summary and hide behind a button to "Edit Account"

Noncredit Application - Production Release to all colleges

  • Deploy Noncredit Application production version to all colleges
    • Provide college-branded applications to all colleges
    • Provide MIS code-specific URLs for all colleges for Pilot & Production
    • Enhance the "Intended Major / Program of Study" feature for Noncredit programs
    • Implement ability for Noncredit programs to display different supplemental questions
    • Update Application title on the Welcome/landing page

SuperGlue for CCCApply Applications

  • Deliver CC Promise Grant Application data set to the SuperGlue College Adapter and staging table for SIS
  • Deliver CCCApply International App data set to the SuperGlue College Adapter and staging table for SIS

Technical & Systems Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Java 11 Update in all applications, components, and services 
    • CCCApply Applications
    • Download Client 
    • CCC Report Center 
  • Spam Filter service model update v.2

CCCApply FY2019-2020


TENTATIVE Charter & Roadmap: CCCApply Redesign Project

QuarterRelease Date              |     Release Version


September 2019   |     Release 6.6.0

CCCApply Redesign Project - Phase 2*
Spanish Version - Implement Spanish translation for Apply, Promise Grant, and International Applications
Mobile-friendly User Interface - Implement ability to submit applications on a mobile phone or other device (responsive design) 

*All proposed development is subject to budget, scope, and schedule approval by leadership


Account Information & Edit Account UI and Functional Redesign

  • Update Apply to align with OpenCCC redesign and integration with MyPath
  • Documentation Update (coordinate with Sandoval's marketing & communication team)
  • Impacts on Residency algorithm (AB 540 and Financial Aid algorithms)
  • Impacts on dependent components (My Applications, Edit Account, BOG, International,  


International Application Enhancements

  • Programmatic level changes - high-priority business requirements
  • MyPath integration
    • Advisor cards & workflow
    • Document Gathering tool integration
    • Text messaging service integration


Research, Design, & Approve Requirements

  • Account / Edit Account UI Design in Apply, IA, Promise Grant
    • Page layout and functional design for added fields
  • Mobile-friendly UI Design Solution (Phase 1)
    • Work with UI designer on single page layout design with status bar
    • Stakeholder review and approval of wireframes
  • Spanish Version - Finish requirements and work plan breakdown
    • Groom & size front-end, library properties, and backend development tasks
    • for Apply, BOG, International
  • MyPath Integration Plan for International Application 
    • Work with International App Sub-committee draft programmatic "must have" requirements
  • Form Engine UI & Backend Design 
    • MyPath > Account > Apply combined solution, design, and UI approval
    • Stakeholder review and approval

No development work on these features is scheduled during Q4. The following activities will be prioritized:

  • Finish gathering requirements - work with stakeholders
  • Review UI design - work with UI designer, develop wireframes, approve with stakeholders
  • Integration planning - work with developers
  • Field UAT testing